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Homeschool Expectations: "You should know that."

Encouragement And Help For Homeschoolers

Homeschool Expectations: "You should know that."

... and so should she.

It isn't often that I'm met with a statement that makes me rise to defend or explain our homeschooling. By and large, when others find out we homeschool, it is greeted with support, and seen as an advantage.

Likewise, even for those who may not agree or have a different perspective, I don't feel the obligation to persuade them otherwise. I am more apt to encourage and support them in their endeavors. After all, we aren't all running the same race.

I can certainly take opposite opinions, and typically shrug them off, as I have confidence in what I have been called to do.

With that being said though...

What came as a surprise one afternoon, was in an unsolicited conversation with a neighbor.

As she continued to explain her passionate opinions to me, and all that is needed to be changed within the world, I was asked a question that I admittedly didn't know the definitive answer to.

Once I gave my answer though, I added that, "I may be wrong."

(because I certainly don't and can't know it all).

Now here is the part where her response to my answer gave me rise.

She scoffed,

"You're homeschooling, you should know that!"

After a quick sigh, I explained that we aren't yet to that level of civics and government in our (elementary) education, and that once we reach that point, we learn (I relearn) that information together.

Her expectation of me also left me confused; as senior to me, shouldn't this be an answer she should know as well? Isn't this a question she could have researched on her own if she took the time to learn the information, perhaps even teach me something as well, rather than mock me for not knowing?

As a seasoned homeschooler, I disregarded the comment. What began to sit on my heart though, was the thought of a fresh new or potential homeschool parent, (or even a homeschooler entering a new season) hearing this comment that insinuated that you must know, and have all the answers, in order to homeschool,

and them believing it.

This misguided idea that if you don't know "enough", you aren't equipped to homeschool.

My heart sank!

What if a comment like this deterred a parent from wanting to homeschool.

My heart sank further!

I wanted to shout loud enough for all to hear,


My children and I are continuously learning together. Researching, reading, exploring topics, and furthering our understanding of concepts together. I want them to see, by my example, that learning doesn't end- it's a lifelong adventure! I encourage them to make their mistakes BIG, so that we can recognize the areas and opportunities where we can learn more.

You don't know an answer? Great, let's learn it together!

Additionally, I never want to place an expectation that at a particular age they should have every answer, and have them feel uneducated if they don't know an answer.

As demonstrated from myself, a 43 year old, and our 67 year old neighbor, we didn't know the answer, even though at one point in our lives we both had reviewed it.


Learning is a continuous process. Some information you have learned will stick with you for life, other information will need to be refreshed, and let's face it, some information may never get used at all.

The objective is that you continue to learn, no matter your age, your status, or your degrees.

There's always more to learn- learning truly has no finish line!

I share this story, not to shame my neighbor, but because a homeschooler's confidence is of utmost importance, and needs to be preserved.

It gives way to their children's individual learning process, encourages their unique learning methods, and promotes a thriving education.

Understanding and experiencing the homeschool doubts, fears, and questions myself, I just always desire to encourage fellow homeschoolers;

You don't need to know everything about everything to homeschool.

You just need to be willing and available to learn alongside your children, that is what makes homeschool education successful.


Let's Learn Together!

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