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Homeschool Learning Adventures
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Fishing Hole

Have your kiddos go ice fishing with this engaging spelling game. In this activity, they will become a polar bear by placing on these easy diy bear paws and pawing out the misspelled words.


Sea Ice Adverbs

Go with the "floe" while learning about adverbs! Quick and easy to prepare this activity will help sort out words that are identified as adverbs. Once the correct words have been chosen, your ice floe will be "fit" to float.


Stuff the Scarecrow

What good is a scarecrow without his stuffing? Help stuff the scarecrow by matching up the fractions. With enough correct matches, your scarecrow will be full and plump with sacks of straw!


Where's the Spud?

Try out our Potato Unit math activity! Perfect to pair up with the book, "Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato." In this activity learning adventurers will work their charting skills to find the buried spud! So fun that my kids wanted to play it again.


Ants in My Pants

No one wants ants in their pants! In this silly math activity, you'll have fun estimating just how many ants are in these pants and seeing just how close that estimate came to the actual number. Get those ants off those pants!


Dig It!

ARRG! Get your young pirates marooned with this spelling exercise. They will love digging up the missing letters to fill in their pirate spelling map. Letter treasures be waiting!

There's More Learning Activities To Discover! Become An Adventurer Today For More Fun.
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