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Polar Bear Thematic Unit Learning Activity
Homeschool Adventures

Let's Make It:

Items Needed:


X-acto knife



For Paws:

4 white dusters

Black felt 

Hot glue

How to Create It:

The game board

Step 1: Trace desired amount of circles onto foamboard. Tip: I used a small bowl to trace circles and fit 16 circles.


Step 2: Write in the week's spelling words using the correct spelling in half the circles and misspelled versions in the other half of the circles on the board.

Step 3: Using the X-acto knife cut along each each circle, leaving a small piece of the circles uncut/attached so that they can swing down when pressed on.

The Polar Bear Paws


Step 1: Hot glue together 2 dusters, (furry side to smooth side) leaving the bottom unglued. This unglued part will be the opening for little hands. Repeat for the other set of dusters. (Note: I found these white dusters at the Dollar Tree)


Step 2: Cut out felt pieces.

         10 triangular shaped pieces              for the claws

         10 oval pieces for the pads

         2 curved shaped for the sole 

Step 3: Hot glue on all felt pieces to  bottom (smooth side) of duster to resemble a bear paw.


How to Play:

Place on polar bear paws and "paw" or press out the fishing holes with the incorrect spellings.

For the complete Polar Bear lesson plan adventure, join today!

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