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Learning Activities: Sea Ice

Let's Make It:

Homeschool Adventures

Items Needed:

Foam Board


X-Acto Knife

How to Create It:

Step 1: Create the puzzle. Using a pencil, draw zig-zag lines in order to make pieces or sections of ice. Make one large section in the center (this piece will be what all other pieces of the puzzle will fit with). Each piece should look a bit different than one another.

Step 2: Use a blue marker to trace over the lines you previously drew.

Step 3: Cut out pieces along your lines, leaving 3 chunks/pieces still attached to the largest middle piece. 

Step 4: Write words that are adverbs on the 3 attached pieces

Step 5: Use the pieces that will fit back together with the rest of the puzzle and write words that are adverbs on them.

Step 6: Using the scraps of foam board, write various words that are verbs, nouns, adjectives. (These pieces will not be part of the puzzle and should not fit with any other pieces.)

Step 7: Label the center section of ice: "Adverbs- How/When/Where"

TO PLAY: Players will match up words to the adverb ice floe by sorting out which pieces of ice are adverbs. Game is complete once all the pieces/adverbs are in place. 

*Don't get trapped in the ice! Join today to find the rest of the Polar Bear Adventure.
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