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JW Learning Adventures

A love for learning starts at home.
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Hi! I'm Jess,

I am a homeschooling mom with a mission: to make learning

as fun and engaging as I can! I believe learning doesn't have to 

become a chore for children, but given the right mixture of 

immersive play, applied learning, and creative freedom, their

appreciation and love of learning can thrive.

That's why at JW Learning Adventures, I work tirelessly at creating

captivating weekly lesson plans for my kids, which I would love to

share with you!

Each lesson plan from JW Learning Adventures is full

of inviting learning activities, hands on arts and crafts,

delicious kitchen creations, and more all centered around

a theme each week- all tried and tested by my kiddos here at home.

Let my passion for teaching, and challenge to myself,

help you make a learning adventurer out of your child and

have fun learning together along the way.


How It Works

Weekly lessons are learning through play based, and an immersive look into various topics. Each lesson is based on a theme, and includes a five day lesson plan complete with; learning games, activities, kitchen creations, paired read-alouds with Jess, paired worksheets, suggested Bible verses and field trips, and more that you are able to tailor to the learning levels of your child(ren), and to use as you see fit for your family.


 The unique quality and advantage about these lessons is that the parent(s) are still heavily involved in the teaching and creating of the curriculum (which is why we choose homeschool!), and with the use of the lesson plan supplied, creates a cohesive unit study. Each unit lesson plan focuses on a topic/theme that incorporates core subject topics alongside the theme to further understand how science, math, language, spelling, social/emotional development, etc. tie into and apply to that topic, and likewise why we study them. While having the option of a new theme each week keeps learning fun and exciting for young ones, you may choose to expand or extend each lesson depending on your homeschooling style. Either way, the entire lesson, weekly materials list, activities instructions, games, worksheets, etc. is there to support you. 


There are options to choose from for the purpose you would like to include JW Learning Adventures. Select individual games/activities and lesson plans are available to purchase individually to either supplement or enhance other chosen curriculum, or yearly membership is available which supplies you with the ever-growing library of lesson plans that you are free to choose from, and follow to fulfill multiple years' worth of learning.


The goal of JW Learning Adventures and why I felt led to create it in the first place, was to help and encourage other homeschoolers. I wanted to share the gifts I have been blessed with in order to give fellow homeschoolers a fresh approach to teaching their children with laughter, fun, and playing. The goal is to inspire and grow young learners that will find that learning is not limited, but rather that learning can be found in everything all around us!

Join us on our next learning adventure!

JW Learning Adventures

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