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"Stuff the Scarecrow" Learning Activity
Homeschool Adventures

Let's Make It:

Items Needed:

Cardboard or Foam board

Hanging Scarecrow Decoration


Press and Seal plastic wrap/baggies

Push pins

How To Create It:

Step 1: Cut out a pocket or hole on the scarecrow decoration.

Step 2: Pin or glue scarecrow to cardboard or foam board. Cut away the foam board/cardboard to match the hole on the scarecrow.

Step 3: Cut out 10 dome shapes from yellow paper. 

Step 4: On 5 of the yellow cutouts write a fraction. On the remaining 5 cutouts draw a picture representing the fractions you wrote on the previous cutouts. Pin in random order around the sides of the scarecrow board.

Step 5: Make the straw sacks. Lay out medium sized sections of press and seal plastic wrap. Fill each section with straw and wrap/twist up to secure.

TO PLAY: Players will take turns matching up the fraction cards to the representation fraction cards. Once a match is made, they can grab a straw sack and try to toss (from a distance) the sack into the scarecrow. 

Don't get left alone in the field! Join now for the rest of the      Scarecrow lesson plan today.

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