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Ants Unit Learning Activity
How to Play:

Players will fill out their questionnaire with their estimation. Then, players will take off the ants counting each one as they go in order to find the actual number. Last, players will use their subtraction skills to solve the difference between their estimate and the actual number.

Let's Make It:

Homeschool Adventures

Items Needed:

Foam board


Ant figures

Stick pins


How to Create It:

Step 1:Sketch out any type of pant you would like. Add color and any details desired.

Step 2: Add title of game at top (if wanted)

Step 3: Pin the ants to the pants. Use stick pins to hold up the ants. They will be perching on the pin that you place, not through the ant body. Note: if no ant figures are available you could replace with paper cutouts or printed ant images.

Step 4: Create companion questionnaire page. Write or print out questions onto page. I included 3 questions:

1. What is your estimation of ants on the pants?

2. What was the actual number of ants on the pants?

3. What was the difference in your estimate and the actual number of ants on the pants?

Get Your Army Marching Into the Complete Ant Lesson Plan!

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