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Pirate Unit: "Dig It" Learning Activity

Let's Make It:

Homeschool Adventures

Items Needed:

Castle Sand Shaper



Paper(for spelling word map)

Plastic Sleeve (optional)

Whiteboard Marker (if using plastic sleeve) or Marker

Clipboard (optional)

How to Create It:

Step 1: Create spelling word map. To do this, sketch a quick map onto paper with each landmark on the map stopping at a word from their spelling list. Write in the word with a blank for the chosen missing letter for that word. Continue until all the spelling words for the week are on the map.

Step 2: Place spelling word map into sleeve and place on clipboard (optional)

Step 3: Pack up and go! Choose a beach or favorite sand pit but remember to pack your tools: Castle shaper, shovel, whiteboard markers, and letters to bury.

Step 4: Once you arrive to the sand, start shaping out the amount of castles you will need and add in missing letters they will dig out.

How to Play:

Your marooned pirate will dig up each castle in search of the letter treasure. Once discovered, they will use their whiteboard marker/marker to fill in the letter needed on their spelling word map to complete their words.

Pirate Unit Learning Activity

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