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At JW Learning Adventures, we are passionate about helping bring the joy of learning to homeschool families. I offer engaging and unique thematic units designed to make learning fun and meaningful.  Resources and lesson plans are designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the individual needs of each child.

I believe that learning should be an exciting and enjoyable experience, and my mission is to help families create an inspiring and motivating learning environment. Join us on our learning adventures and discover all the ways in which homeschooling can be an adventure in learning!

Homeschool Lesson Plans
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Thematic Units

Check out a just few samples below 

The Smart Cookie Unit

This unit includes confidence builder exercises,language and spelling activities, and math activities all centered around the main character, Cookie.

Soap Unit

There is so much to do with soap!

This unit includes tons of hands on learning; soap experiments; soap making; and a read aloud; while still learning about language and math topics.

The Wilderness Unit

Enjoy exploring this unit with the indoor and outdoor activities supplied. Nothing like getting some fresh air to help inspire learning. Fun crafts, language activities, math activities, and a team building exercise to get wild with!

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