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Where's the Spud Learning Activity

Let's Make It.

Homeschool Adventures

Items Needed:

Foamboard or Cardboard



Small Potato 




Shovel (optional)

How to Create it:

Step 1: Create a "planter box." Score all 4 edges of the foamboard to make the edges fold up. (If you have a cardboard box big enough, you can easily use that.) Tape up the corners so you then have a container/box. 

Step 2: Create a grid with string. For this step, I simply cut sections of string and taped them across the board and down the length of the board. I created a 3x4 grid, which supplied enough coordinates for game play to keep them interested without getting boring.

Step 3: Create the play cards and coordinate labels for box. To make the labels I cut squares from contruction paper and labeled them 1,2,3,4 and A,B,C. Once done, I taped each to a pin and inserted the labels into the sides of the box. To make the play cards I cut squares from construction paper and labeled them with the assorted cooridnate possibilities ( A2, B4, C1, etc.)

Step 4: Place the potato in your section of choice and fill with soil. To test their charting skills longer, I stacked the play card with the potato's coordinates last or second to last to keep them surprised. 

Notes: Whether to use a shovel or hands or spoon is up to them! All would be great fun.

Interested in more Potato activities? Join in the adventure for the complete lesson.

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