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Homeschool Resiliency

Staying Strong Through It All

Homeschool Resiliency

Planning, Organizing, Preparing...

Homeschooling comes with a laundry list of obstacles (laundry being one of those things). While some days come and go with a gentle flow, other days come rampaging through, leaving you wide-eyed in its wake.

It doesn't take too many of the latter mentioned type of hard days to make you feel a multitude of emotions;

Exhausted, Unconfident,Frustrated, Doubtful, Unmotivated, Defeated, Overwhelmed...

Even on the happiest, smoothest days, you can still be met with some of these feelings.

Take Heart!

We've all been there. We will be there again, it's inevitable. While it may appear easier in these days to surrender, and call it quits, it's in these days where determination gives us a lesson.

Homeschooling is difficult, and while that's not comfortable or desirable, it's purposeful.

Patience is tested, interruptions and disruptions occur, skeptics invade...

we each face some level of difficulty on our homeschool path.

But it's our perspective that has to rise up out of these challenges.

We haven't chosen to homeschool because of only the joyful times and experiences that it provides. We have to remind ourselves that even in the struggles, pressures, maybe even the judgments, that we can use these times as tools.

Each difficult day providing us with more ways to improve ourselves, our relationships, our learning.

It's a tough lesson for me to readily embrace, but

we don't want every day to be flawless.


Because not only will we not grow in our resiliency, our children won't either.

Reflecting back on our own tough days; like when our learning never got a fair chance, or moods took over and wiped out learning altogether, it's those days where we all learned-

we have to keep at it.

Maybe not in the same day, but we will keep at it, and grow from that day together.

And with home being the safest place to express themselves, and gain valuable skills without harsh opinion, home is the best breeding ground to grow resiliency.

Without some hard days in the mix though, and your example to follow, that lesson may get lost entirely.

They need to see us strive, they need to see us refresh our commitment daily, despite the hardships.

So take that pause, break, or deep deep breath, and stay strong.

Your little one is watching your response,

and learning.


Let's Stay Strong Together!

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Homeschool Resiliency: 100 days of school

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