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Homeschool Help:Unmotivated March?

Updated: Mar 1

Ways To Keep Homeschool Steam


The beginning of the homeschool year is full of excitement and eagerness. Ideas are steady and learning is at full steam ahead. Oddly though, it is frequently around this time in the homeschool year - March- that you notice that the steam you had started with, is escaping rapidly with each chug you make.

So what happens if the train STOPS?

Take to foot and


Although for some, marching on may work, what I often wonder about that method is-


What would it benefit?

Pressing on, uninspired or unmotivated, just for the sake of completing the year on schedule?

In my experience, getting to this natural point of depletion makes creating and planning a lesson more of a challenge; forced ideas bringing a sense of dread to the work you love and value, making the preparations take that much longer.

As a homeschool parent keeping the love of learning alive is what you strive for, and what I have found is that when I am excited and motivated about a topic, their love for learning thrives. One of the great benefits of homeschool is being free from a traditional schedule, so take advantage!

Holding yourself to balance relationships, your home, and life while consistently creating inspiring lessons, all while completing each year exactly to schedule, is unnecessary self-inflicted pressure.


and try these helpful tips when "unmotivated March"tries to stall you on your tracks.



Often times, slowing down is the key to building back your motivation. With having a sense of free, or open time, it allows for a more peaceful mind where creativity has room to grow. Filling every minute of your day with to-do's, and maximizing the day to its last second, will leave you in a fog. Clear out over-productivity! It may sound counter-intuitive, but a crowded and busy mind isn't productive, it's exhausted. If necessary, mark out time in your day to reduce your speed by taking a walk, or drawing with the kids, to ensure that your mind and motivation don't crash.


Keeping your focus on the larger picture will remind yourself that not everything will be taught in a year, and that is just fine. Place your perspective on the journey that homeschool becomes, learning and mastering concepts do not have to be rushed. In fact, the gain in homeschool is that there aren't stipulations on learning. As we know, there is far more learning to be had beyond academics- the every day life lessons, their spiritual growth, and the lessons that teach how to care for others, are equally important and, in my opinion, far more valuable. Keeping this perspective will help remind you that every day together provides its very own lesson, that doesn't require hours of prep time, but provides just as much learning and progress.


Structure in homeschool is certainly important, but keep in mind that each day brings new challenges and even obstacles. If the days have become too routine or monotonous, break the cycle. This may mean that the daily schedule may go by the wayside, or a previous plan revised, but there in lies the goal- something different happens. Embracing flexibility can be uplifting and refreshing, which in turn will likely lead to fresh ideas for future planning. Leave the researching, worksheets, and plans, and head everyone out for something spontaneous. Time spent away from it all won't set learning back, it will peak interests and stimulation, essentials for homeschool.

At its worst, adding flexibility, if anything, could even make you appreciate the old routine once you return to it- which also benefits.


It's so easy to fall into the trap of comparisons. As a loving reminder, there is no need for it. Whether it's only intended to get a gauge, or way of gaining direction, no matter the intention, comparisons can be dangerous. It will cause you to doubt your methods, skills, and efforts, which can steal precious motivation. There is no "right" way of homeschooling and that is the beauty of it! Remember to focus on your child's progression, rather than letting comparisons in from what others may be doing in this point in time. Education is not a race, it truly has no finish line.


Any helpful tips you'd like to add? Leave a comment!

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