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Questioning Homeschool? Homeschool Advantages

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Take A Look At The Benefits

Growing In Gains

With homeschool growing drastically in numbers, you may find yourself contemplating the endeavor for your family. Whether you are just in the initial phase of researching, or ready to take the leap, there are certainly questions surrounding homeschool. From the age old topic of socialization, to whether or not there is financial support for it, the homeschool questions can quickly turn from a few to a few pages worth.

Around this time of year, I am always reminded of being in the thick of the decision making and research myself years back. It seemed as though the more research I did, the more questions would arise, making the process seem immense.

I am pleased to share, that the steps for getting your start aren't as overwhelming once broken down, and if you're deliberating on these common questions, I hope this clears your worries and encourages you that homeschooling is absolutely packed with long term gains for you and your family.


Will It Be Hard?

Short answer, yes, sometimes. As the old saying goes though, anything worth doing is hard. Hard can look different to each person, but in my experience the most challenging part of homeschooling is when the day is met with resistance. Specifically when one of my kiddos is unwilling to apply themselves. I am not talking about not completing a worksheet or task, I more so mean that when you know they aren't trying. As a parent you know when your child is not attempting their best or testing your consistency. These are the most challenging days for me, not the lesson planning or time management, or messy house- it's the struggle of determining when to push them and when to concede. The good news though, is that hard days aren't every day, and you will find balance the more you grow in homeschooling together.

Will My Kids Be Successful?

Without a doubt, YES! If knowing some statistics gives you some peace of mind you can certainly gain helpful insight into this topic through sites such as the National Home Education Research Institute, and others. One stat that should ease your concern is that homeschool students typically score 15 to 25 percentile points above public school students on standardized tests, and homeschool students are increasingly being recruited by colleges (cited by the NHER).

There is so much more to being successful than a test score though! By homeschooling you have the capability of instilling a strong work ethic, real-life experiences, self-sufficiency, valuable time together, and most importantly a strong foundation in your beliefs.

Will It Stifle My Kids?

Absolutely NOT! Homeschoolers are actively engaged in sports, clubs, field trips, and activities outside their home. It is a common thread with homeschoolers in the belief that community is where learning can excel. Being in and among various ages, ethnicities, and culture is essential, and homeschooling does not inhibit that, it gives way to it. With the flexibility of homeschool, you can get out and involved in a variety of community events, classes, volunteering, etc. exposing your children to more than their everyday classmates.

Will I Be Able To Teach Them?

There is no one more determined and devoted to the wellness and education of your child than you. You do not have to know everything for your child to thrive in their education. In fact, research has showed that regardless of a parent's formal education level or income, that homeschool students still test above average.

You will constantly be researching learning topics, and studying along side them, to ensure that they are mastering concepts. Showing your child that learning is lifelong, and doesn't stop at a certain age or level provides such a strong lesson. The support you will be able to supply for teaching your child will be their greatest advantage.

Is There Financial Support?

Depending on which type of homeschooling you choose, there can be financial support offered. In short, if choosing to privately homeschool, there is no financial support given. You can however apply for a grant through the HDLA If you choose to homeschool through a charter, there are funds distributed, with some restriction.

For detailed information on this topic see my steps to getting your start article here.

Homeschooling can definitely become costly, but you can also achieve success on a limited budget. Getting creative, making your own worksheets, and utilizing free resources are great ways to keep on budget.

*Find free and affordable homeschool resources here!

What Curriculum Do I Choose?

With so much curriculum to choose from, the task of selecting one can be overwhelming. Researching in preparation for our first year had me shocked. The prices for packaged curriculum had me stunned, but beyond that, what if my kids didn't like it? What if I didn't like it. I quickly forwent the packaged curriculum as I knew with our style of learning, we weren't going to use it- at least not enough of it to warrant paying those prices for it.

We love learning through play; learning games, activities, crafts and creations, outdoor study, field trips, hands-on immersive learning, so that is what I knew our curriculum was going to need to look like.

*Check out our learning curriculum HERE!*

The curriculum you choose will need to match what style of learner you have. This may take some experimenting, picking aspects from one and pairing it with others, or creating your very own. If you follow your child's interests and methods, choosing a curriculum will be easier. Another benefit to homeschooling is that if you do start a curriculum and find it isn't going well, change it out- it doesn't have to be a permanent commitment.

*For more details and tips on curriculum visit here !


Have More Questions?

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