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Homeschool Fears

Updated: Jan 14

Overcoming Your Anxieties

Face Your Fears

Homeschooling can bring some fears and anxieties to surface, not just for those beginning their homeschool journey, but for even the most seasoned homeschooler. While some fears may be reasonable, there are others that just flare up to largely bring doubt and disruption. It's these fears that steal the joys of homeschooling, and for those just starting out, can make the decision to commit to homeschool more difficult . Whether your fears and anxieties stem from your own self-confidence, how to begin the steps, or if the truancy officers will be knocking at your door, recognizing these feelings can help you to realize if they are legitimate and how to work through them.

Let's Squash Those Fears!

Find encouragement here! You can overcome these feelings and be free from not only the public school system, but the fears that are weighing you and your homeschooling down.

I'm sharing some of my own fears (reasonable ones, and in retrospect, silly ones) that rose up from our first year of homeschooling, in hopes that they be a guiding light for you to find peace and confidence in your homeschooling.

So let's grab our place on the couch, and talk fears.



It's just an affidavit! This fear likely stemmed from my thoroughness (some may say over-thoroughness :). I was very concerned about the timing on when to fill out the private school affidavit. In my consumption of homeschool information, I never seemed to locate a definitive answer on when to fill out and file the PSA in relation to when I decided to start our learning. I felt as though my situation was somehow different, and that being as how I wanted to begin our homeschooling in August of that year, I had a gap between our start date and when the PSA was to be filed in October. I deliberated and deliberated, trying to sort out whether or not I had to wait until October, or if I did begin earlier, to go undocumented (insert gasp!). Having gone through the process many times since, I can assure you that nothing will happen, nothing! You can begin anytime you wish, just file the affidavit between October 1-15th and save a copy for your records. FEAR SQUASHED!


I was actually frightened of this topic going into our first year. In the thick of the Covid pandemic, I was researching and researching, gathering all the information I could on the proper procedures for withdrawing my children from the public school system. I hung onto this fear that I wouldn't complete the letter properly, or in light of the shutdowns, that it may not be received in time, or maybe even not well received, and the truancy offices would be on my tail. Looking back now, I can smile and shake my head at the time I wasted being anxious about this. As it turns out, withdrawing a child from public school is a very simple process, that I, fresh to homeschooling, was over-complicating. With a short letter addressed to the principal that included names and dates, and sent via certified mail, my kiddos were out- just like that! No complications, no calls, no knocks at the door. FEAR SQUASHED!

* If you would like more information on forming a withdraw letter, visit here!*


This area covers a broad range of examples, but lack of self-confidence can come and go, and create anxiety. Am I teaching them the right material? Are they making good progress? Did I make the right choice for them? Am I doing this right? This area is truly a legitimate concern, but what is important to keep in mind, and ease your mind, is that evaluating these questions is making you a better teacher. These questions are also ones that even come to mind now in our fourth year of homeschooling. Being overly confident can have you overlooking ways to improve and grow as a homeschooler. Examine these spaces and understand that although you may question your abilities, it doesn't mean you are not capable of the task. You absolutely can do this, and you have likely been doing it before even formally homeschooling. Keep in mind that there is no one right way to homeschool, and that is the beauty of it, so march to your own beat and you will be successful. Remembering too that homeschooling is a journey, and not everything needs to be covered and mastered in one year, calmed my fears and reasserted my belief in myself. FEAR SQUASHED!


I would not consider myself very competitive, but it seemed as though in our first years there was this pressure to produce results. I can easily discard others' opinions, but I did feel as though some eyes were on us. Calls from friends and family would come in, getting a gauge on us. Some shared comparisons on what their children were learning verses us, or subtle checks and balances to see if they were mastering skills they thought my children should have achieved. What began to try to creep in was doubt and anxiety as to whether I was getting the right results with my young learners. What I turned my focus to instead, was that my children's growth and progress wasn't supposed to look like those around us. We weren't in public school, we weren't going to be a public school, we were going to set different expectations and outcomes because of the blessings of homeschool- and the results would speak for themselves, so I wasn't going to spend my mind's time defending them. FEAR SQUASHED!


I may just be scratching the surface here, but find peace in knowing that although you will come across some homeschool fears, you will overcome them with time and dedication, and that I am rooting you on!

Have a fear to add to the list? Leave a comment for support!

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