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Homeschool Skeptics: Why are you questioning?

Homeschool Skeptics: Why are you questioning?

Bring On The Doubters

Every homeschooler, or homeschooler-to-be, has experienced some degree of skepticism.

Like a rite of passage, it seems these doubters must inevitably exist on our homeschool journey. Whether it be to strengthen our beliefs, or to reveal our weak spots, I say with a smile,

bring them on.

I certainly don't mean it in a confrontational sense, but rather from a place of confidence. Having been homeschooling for the past four years, I have gained insights that provide tangible results that would make any skeptic retract;

Skills being mastered at impressive rates,

Logic and reasoning abilities growing,

Mental health thriving,

Learning concepts advancing,

Social skills praiseworthy,

Adaptability and resilience heightened,

Autonomy asserted,

Spiritual growth maturing

...the list doesn't end.

But what I have come to understand is that these skeptics aren't questioning our children's proficiency, because if they were, there just wouldn't be any doubt anymore. There are far too may homeschool student success stories out there, even looking beyond our country's forefathers.

No, the skeptics are questioning us- the parents.

This realization is quite puzzling, and backwards.

As my children's parent, there is absolutely no one else as skilled, invested, and committed to the wellness and education of them, than me. Going to any length to ensure that the work I am doing in my children is of benefit to them, and their future. Preordained as a match, and perfectly suited to teach, love, discipline, and influence them- me, their mother.

Why then would supporting my children's education (an extension of parenting) at home, surrounded by family with the greatest passion for them, not excel, or not work?

It absolutely does work. It works beautifully, successfully, and naturally.

So I do not fear the homeschool skeptics, instead I embrace them. I find use for their doubt;

to strengthen our values, to grow my faith in the role I've been called for, to encourage our ingenuity and differences on our homeschool path.

Perhaps their skepticism simply comes from not having the encouragement they themselves needed, or a lack of belief in their own abilities.

But to any homeschool skeptic, I would say, try it.

Do this amazing work, and see the rewards-

you can do it, I believe in you.

Exodus 35: 30-35

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