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Homeschool Help: Keeping The Faith

Homeschool Help: Keeping the faith

Will It Be Enough?

As homeschool families, I know we each have challenges that we face throughout the journey. Some that are unique to our individual lives and children, but there's one challenge that I know we all endure;

Keeping the faith.

Whether it is our belief in either ourselves, or the process of homeschooling, there are times where continuing our certainty that the decisions we've made for our family are going to "pay off", can be a challenge.

Knowing deep within that I have been cultivated for this endeavor, makes me feel such peace, and yet, I still find days where I ask,

"Is this what you still desire of me?"

"Am I still doing well educating my children?"

The reason I ask certainly isn't because I want to change from homeschooling, but rather because of the outside areas that bring doubt, such as finances.

While I tend to our home and keep our finances, deeply invest in our children and their education, I struggle with a sense of guilt.

Am I preventing our family from more?

A more reliable car?

A more spacious home?

A more lavish lifestyle?

This can also spread into the topic of their education;

Should they be learning more?

Will their peers have more opportunities?


What I'm daily reminded of, is that our choice to homeschool is a step out in faith. While this concept of more can be a nagging thought, what more demands is sacrifice.

To get more, am I ready to forfeit intentional time with my children?

To get more, am I willing to compromise on my beliefs and my purpose?

We don't yet know the outcome of our diligence, time investment, and engagement in our children's lives.

We won't be able to fully know for years to come.

What we can rest in knowing, is that where our teachings bear the most weight;

spiritually, relationally, and mentally,

is what will undoubtedly pay off.

While we may not ever be given the means to have a larger home (or fill in the blank),

I am confident that we are providing them with a home full of love, affirmation, spiritual care, unmatched dedication to their education, and a demonstration of our true priorities.

More ultimately becomes just a shadow of what we are giving them in the way of experiencing home, life, and learning together.

And so, with faith, I trust that I no longer need any more, nor do they, because together we have got it all.


Let's Keep The Faith Together!

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