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Fireworks Lesson Plan

A Lesson that POPS!


Watching my kids' eyes widen and sparkle while taking in the magical light display, ignited a fantastic idea-

Why not study fireworks?!

Preparing for our first week back from our Christmas break, I was seeking inspiration on which topic we should kick off the year with for our homeschool studies. I get quite a thrill showing my young learners that anything, absolutely anything, can provide us with learning opportunities, and that our learning method doesn't have to be like everyone's else to thrive.

Watching the amazing colors light up the sky, and hearing the booms and pops sound off provided the exact inspiration I needed to get our year of learning exploding.

With some key components, I was going to prepare a week that would have us immersed in the history, science, and excitement of fireworks, while making memories and fun along the way- the makings for a stunning display of learning!

Get your lesson booming with these great ideas!

Get the Fireworks Lesson Plan complete with paired worksheets, learning activities, games and more!

Click the video to see our fireworks learning adventure in action!


Light The Fuse!

Light the fuse on core learning topics by creating hands-on learning games themed upon fireworks. We focused on concepts like telling time, probability, 3-D shapes, and onomatopoeias, to name a few, but there's plenty more to grow on with this theme. With the plastic letters, toilet paper rolls, and tissue paper I created an easy and exciting spelling game to practice their weekly words. Incorporating math concepts in our games "Black Powder" and "Light the Wick" set off their interest, while including a look at components of fireworks.

There's More Learning Activities Ready To Explode With The Fireworks Lesson Plan!

Make It Boom!

Get writing skills to reach new heights with creating an interactive writing inspiration board for your young writers. Grow their understanding of the parts of a story, while having fun revealing and collecting the elements to their story. Once collected, my little writers used the paired template to build out their creative writing story. We used this board for the entire week, creating multiple stories, and laughs.

Get the details on the Make It Boom Writing Board HERE!

Keep Things Poppin'!

Keep the learning poppin' by adding art and science in your week. Combine Pop-Its and paint for a unique way of creating a masterpiece. Mix art with science to watch water fireworks! With some supplies already on hand, you've got what you need to test different densities, and get a beautiful show out of it. Review your findings and predictions with a paired worksheet to further their understanding of the scientific method. Draw a diagram of a firework, and together label all of the components that make it function, along with examining the chemical reaction that takes place. Taking a look at fireworks greatly invites science topics that can be adjusted to their learning levels, and it lays a foundation for future studies.

Have A Blast With Our Week's Paired Kitchen Creations!

Find the details for making Treat

Poppers HERE!

Find the details for Sparkler Sticks HERE!


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