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Treat Poppers

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

A Fun Kid's Treat That Really POPS!

Fireworks Unit: Treat Poppers
Treat Poppers: Starting the year with a bang!

It's A New Year!

While putting together our homeschool lesson plan for our first week back in the new year, I wanted to get things shaking with a big BOOM! We had done a mining unit in the past, which included some dynamite information about explosives, but never had we explored the use of explosives in the awe inspiring fireworks.

Let's POP Into It!

What better way to begin a new year than to make it really POP! I was inspired by the topic so much so, that I was sure to include some fun crafts and kitchen creations to fire off along with our learning games and activities for the week.

If you're in need of a little something extra to add to your new year lesson plan, or new year's celebration, then get ready to OOH and AWW for these easy and fun Treat Poppers!

They were a quick and entertaining way to introduce our fireworks themed unit, and did not disappoint my kiddo audience.

Get the complete Fireworks Lesson Plan HERE!


Easy Treat Poppers

Fireworks Unit: Treat Poppers Kitchen Creation
Treat Poppers

What You'll Need:

Red tissue paper

Red mini plastic cups

Wooden skewers




Awl (or other sharp instrument to puncture holes)

Assorted small candies of your choice (Skittles/M&M's/Smarties/etc.)

Let's Make It:

Step 1: Use the awl (or sharp instrument)

to puncture holes in the bottom center of

each red plastic cup.

Fireworks Unit: Treat Poppers Kitchen Creation
After step 2 : Hole punched cups and paired bottoms

Step 2: From other red plastic cups, cut the bottoms out. You will need one bottom to pair with each hole punched cup. Puncture a hole through each of the bottom pieces.

Step 3: Take a wooden skewer and roughly measure to an inch taller than the height of the cup, then cut the skewer at that mark.

Repeat step so each cup has a wooden skewer piece.

Step 4: Fill the cups with the assorted candies of choice.

Step 5: Thread the skewer piece through the bottom piece, and then thread the skewer and bottom piece in through the cup, ensuring that a portion of the wooden skewer is exposed at the end of the cup.

Step 6: Trace the mouth of an empty mini cup on red tissue paper. Cut out the traced circle. Lay the tissue circle over the top of a filled candy cup, and tape to secure it to the mouth of the cup. Repeat step for each candy cup.

Fireworks Unit: Treat Poppers Kitchen Creation
After step 5: wooden skewer and bottom piece in place, covering candies.

Step 7: Using a sharpie marker, write "TNT" on the side of each cup and outline the letters with a jagged outline.

Step 8: Display or deliver the Treat Poppers as desired. Enjoy detonating the poppers by pushing the skewers upward, then catching the treats that pop out!

This treat had my kids exploding with giggles, and eager to blast into our fireworks lesson!


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