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Presidents Day Ideas

Updated: Feb 12

Presidents Week Learning Activities

Presidents Day Ideas

Plenty Of Candidates

Creating a homeschool lesson plan focused on the Presidents of the United States can quickly mount, and have you stocked with information well on into the next Presidents Day.

With so much to cover, where to start, and which direction to go, this topic can be a bit overwhelming- at least for me it was.

I had to take a pause and remember, it doesn't all have to be taught today!

Being that we are still in the early years, I love to keep learning fun and active. Although there is plenty of information to choose from when learning about the Presidents, I still wanted to make it engaging as much as it was informative.

Cast Your Vote

Keeping with my lighthearted approach to teaching, I chose to introduce my kiddos to first, the relatable and sometimes silly personality traits of the Presidents. Although for some, this technique may not be one you would vote for, for us, it was a way to make the Presidents more memorable, and gave way to growing our other learning topics on for the week.

Here's hoping that these ideas will have you "punching your ticket" in favor of these Presidents Day themed learning activities.

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Run George, Run!

While learning about President George W. Bush, we discovered his love for running. Growing on this idea, we used this information to practice decimals. In this activity, they were able to move the decimal carrying President to match the written dollar amounts on the right.


Teddy's Bears

This learning activity was inspired while gaining knowledge all about President Theodore Roosevelt. Once they came to learn that the teddy bear was named in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, our learning activity was waiting. In this game, they practiced identifying verb tenses by placing the bears on the correct verb tense shelf.


Hot Dog!

Among the facts we gathered about President Bill Clinton, we also learned of a fun one- his favorite expression was "Hot Dog!". Preparing this learning activity certainly made for a silly and entertaining exercise, while also working their skills on interjections. Seeing them match up the clue on the bun to the correct wiener interjection, even had me saying "Hot Dog!"


Who Is In Office?

Yet another great President themed activity was "Who Is In Office?". In this activity, they were able to practice counting money and identifying the Presidents on the coins, all with the element of surprise. Once they rolled the die, they checked the corresponding numbered window to see which President was inside and kept a running tally to try and total $1.00.

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