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Adventure into this five day, flexible lesson plan to explore President's Day, along with more President facts and information. Play fun and engaging activities, by subject, all centered around the topic of American Presidents. Practice language topics such as subject verb agreement and prepositions; math topics such as money, elapsed time, and addition. This learning adventure will certainly get you and your young learner's vote!


Presidents Unit Highlights:
- 2 Spelling activities
- 2 Language activities
- 3 Math activities 
- Paired worksheets
- 2 Kitchen Creations; "Be the President's Chef" activity and paired worksheet
- 1 Current events report sheet
- 1 Read aloud with Jess
- 1 Bible Devotional Sheet set with paired suggested Bible Verse

- 1 Daily Start activity sheet set
- 1 Paired field trip suggestion with paired "My Learning Adventure" report sheet

Presidents Day Unit Lesson Plan

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