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Popcorn Lesson Plan Ideas

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Let's Make That Lesson Plan Pop!

Buttery, Salty, Cheesy, or Sweet

Eating Popcorn Is Always A Treat!

Popcorn is a favored snack in our house, and we have had just about every variety there is, even in ice cream. With such a fondness for the puffy stuff, I thought why not make it a theme in our home school studies and find out what exactly makes it pop.

Let's Get Poppin'!

The deeper I went into the popcorn bowl, the more I realized just how much learning potential there was in the simple snack. I knew if I turned up the heat on this lesson plan, it would totally pop!

Here are some kernels to season your popcorn lesson plan with.

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Plant The Kernel:

Add these fun and insightful books to your week's lesson. They'll plant some kernels of knowledge to help grow your studies.

The Popcorn Book by Tomie de Paola

Learn the history and acts about popcorn through two characters who really love popcorn- one who loves eating it and one who loves reading about it. Also includes 2 fantastic ways to pop popcorn.

Iowa (A True Book: My United States) by Ann O. Squire

This book introduces what makes Iowa distinct and exceptional by sharing the history, geography, and wildlife of the Hawkeye State. Read aloud together to learn all the great facts and information.

Let's Pop, Pop, Popcorn! by Cynthia Schumerth

A lighthearted and easy to follow story that sequences the process of popcorn from start to finish. Learn how popcorn is grown, harvested, and popped.


Make It Pop!

Grow the theme by incorporating corn and popcorn into the week's learning games. Math topics like volume and weight were far more interesting while using kernels and popcorn as manipulatives to weigh and fill, add and subtract. Items like popcorn buckets and bags were a fun visual to keep interest in our spelling and language practices. Surrounded by popcorn and corn learning activities made this lesson feel more like a popcorn party than a class room!


Season With Science.

There is plenty of science to explore with popcorn. Practice their understanding of the scientific method by experimenting with kernels and salt. In this easy experiment we predicted what would happen to the kernels once placed in a jar of salt- will they fall under the salt or stay on top? What about if it is shaken up? We explored what caused the kernels to react the way they had and if our predictions were correct.

Another idea, take a closer look at the inside of a kernel by labeling a diagram and discussing the purpose of each part.

Most importantly, find out what it is about the kernel that makes it pop. What happens inside the seed that causes it to react in such a puffy and delicious way.


Snack Away!

What would a popcorn thematic unit be without including a popcorn taste test? To puff up the fun, we gathered up 3 different brands with 3 different cooking techniques (microwaveable, air popper, and stove top) to run our own taste test. After their sampling, they filled out a quick taste tester ballot and we had our winner! Will your taste test have the same results?


There's More Kernels To Pop!

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