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PoP into a learning adventure all about popcorn! Learners will have fun engaging in learning games and activities themed around popcorn in this five day lesson plan. Get poppin' with core learning topics such as; syllables and parts of speech, volume, weight and fractions while playing hands-on learning games. Explore the science behind popcorn with kernel anatomy, analyzing why it pops, and testing its properties. Get creative with themed art projects, and test your sense of taste with a fun and easy kitchen activity. There's more than a kernel of knowledge gained with the Popcorn Learning Adventure!


Popcorn Unit Highlights:

- Flexible five day lesson plan

- 2 Spelling activities

- 2 Language activities

- 6 Math activities/games

- Paired worksheets

- 2 Science experiments

- 2 Art projects

- 1 Kitchen creation activity

- 1 Social and Emotional Development Exercise

- Paired writing templates

- 1 Bible Verse devotional sheet set with paired Bible Verse suggestion

- 1 Daily Start activity sheet set

- 1 Field trip suggestion


Popcorn Unit Lesson Plan

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