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Candy Corn Crackle: Candy Corn Treat

Easy Kitchen Creation For Kids

Candy Corn Unit Kitchen Creation: Candy Corn Crackle
A sweet festive treat: Candy Corn Crackle

Let's Get Crackin'!

Though candy corn may be a controversial and divisive candy, there is a piece of this treat for everyone!

While in our festive homeschool lesson all about candy corn, I was inspired to create not one, but two kitchen creations for us to try.

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Besides candy corn's sweet taste and bright colors, there is a ton of learning that can be acquired and practiced, just by this seemingly simple little candy.

I am always pleasantly surprised at how the common everyday sort of items around us are packed full of information, history, science, and math. I love how each item we explore, however odd, reminds us that there is learning all around us- in everything we encounter.

Our Candy Corn lesson was going to be no exception!

I was thrilled while planning this fun-at-face value topic, which upon diving deeper, was about to lead us into studying geography, compounds, angles, and more!

With learning topics pointing themselves out, like the point of a candy corn, I knew an easy brain break was going to be necessary for my young learners.

So to tend to this, I gathered up some sweet ingredients, and planned for a kitchen creation that would treat their tummies, and keep them creative.

So grab your sweeties, and get crackin' on our Candy Corn Crackle recipe.

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Candy Corn Crackle

Candy Corn Unit Kitchen Creation
Candy Corn Crackle

What You'll Need:

Candy Melts- Orange, Yellow, White

Pretzel Snaps

Candy Corn

Parchment Paper

Candy Corn Unit: Kitchen Creation

Let's Make It!

Step 1: Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Step 2: Melt the white candy melts in the microwave.

Pour the melted candy onto the prepared baking sheet.

Candy Corn Unit Kitchen Creation: Candy Corn Crackle

Step 3: Lay pretzel squares on top of the white candy melts to cover all the white candy.

Step 4: Melt the yellow candy melts and yellow candy melts in separate bowls. Pour and spread a layer of yellow candy, then pour and spread a layer of orange candy.

Step 5: Use a fork to drag through the candy melts, and to create the line design.

Step 6: Add candy corn across the top of the crackle, along with bits of unmelted candy melts.

Candy Corn Kitchen Creation: Candy Corn Crackle

Step 7: Place the crackle in the refrigerator to chill

until hardened.

Step 8: Remove the crackle from the refrigerator. Pull up on the sides of the paper containing the crackle, then drop/slam the crackle down on a cutting board to obtain cracked pieces and bits. Serve and enjoy!

Candy Corn Unit Kitchen Creation: Candy Corn Crackle

Candy Corn Unit: Candy Corn Crackle

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