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Thematic Units: How to thread the theme

Are you wanting to work wonders in the classroom?

Turn learning into a theme!

What exactly are thematic units to begin with?

Thematic units are weekly or monthly lesson plans surrounding a central topic. Thematic units can be book or holiday based or even a seemingly out there subject like cheese. The idea is spread into the weekly or monthly learning material and activities.

Why use a thematic unit?

The benefits of having a theme throughout a young learner's studies are tremendous.

It captivates their interest and encourages participation, along with creating a fun and creative learning environment. With a combination like that, they stay engaged and immersed in what is being taught- learning thrives!

How To Plan A Thematic Unit:

Choose a topic that inspires you.

It could be anything- nature related, food related, toy related, just so long as it interests you.

Brainstorm around the topic.

Think of the history of the topic, where or when did it start? How does it relate to math, science, and language? From here, begin piecing together the ways of learning that can answer those questions.

Support the topic.

Once you determine the core concepts of what this topic invites, begin building the lesson plan to support the topic. Create games and learning activities using elements of the topic. For example, if your theme is trees, create a learning activity that involves leaves or branches and infuse those elements into how the activity is used or played. Continue to spread the theme into science, where photosynthesis can be explored, and so on.

The possibilities are endless!

Looking For Unique and Engaging Thematic Units Already Prepared?

Click HERE to find an adventure.

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