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Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Ideas



Another fun holiday theme is waddling this way. Much like the plethora of food on the dinner table, there are so many Thanksgiving lesson plan options out there. So which direction to take this bird? All you really need are some quality ingredients for all the makings of a great and memorable lesson plan.


Let me serve up some delightful side dishes to add to your Thanksgiving lesson plan that will stuff your week with fun and engaging learning,

and leave your kids asking for seconds!


The Main Course:

This year, I chose "The Great Turkey Race" by Steve Metzger to kick things off. This story soon became one of our seasonal favorites for good reason. Three turkeys all want to be the Thanksgiving turkey and compete to see which one should win the title, until one turkey, Cassie, overhears the fate of the best turkey. This story is lighthearted and has a fun ending the kids loved.


The First Pairing:

Gather, toss, and snack your way through the week by mixing in engaging learning games and activities. Determine which math and language topics you would like to review. One of our math topics for the week was adding money, so by playing "Wrangle the Turkey" I had them gather up 'turkeys' (balloons) with different values into their coops. Once collected, they completed the paired worksheet to solve how much their coop of turkeys was worth. Other notable learning activities included were "Stuff the Turkey" fraction game and "Gobble Gobble" spelling. These games were the bread and butter for a happy week of learning.

Thanksgiving Unit: The Great Turkey Race Learning Activity
"Wrangle the Turkeys" Math Game

Thanksgiving Unit: The Great Turkey Race Learning Activity
"Gobble Gobble" Spelling Game

Thanksgiving Unit: The Great Turkey Race Learning Activity
"Stuff the Turkey" Fractions Game


The Second Pairing:

Being Thanksgiving, humanitarianism is a topic I wanted to emphasize in our weekly studies. We are blessed beyond measure. Taking time to appreciate our blessings and reflect on how we can be a blessing to others is a lesson I want my kids to apply to their lives daily.

To pour this lesson into our weekly studies, we held our very own turkey trot.

It was a great side dish to the week where they got to make their own t-shirts, chart their laps, and earn money to then donate to a local charity. They had great fun challenging themselves to run the most laps they could and after felt the reward of helping others who are in need. A certificate and prize presented at the end made this an even bigger feast of fun.

Thanksgiving Unit: The Great Turkey Race Learning Activity
Our first annual Turkey Trot 2021


The Dessert:

What we always find as the sweetest part of our weekly studies are the extras. The crafts and kitchen creations that bring a welcomed brain break and a dash of joy. For this week's kitchen creation, to compliment the main course story, I chose for the kids to make a vegetable stew, where they practiced measuring, chopping, and capacity skills. Along with this tasty dish, they also made a simple but favorite turkey snack pack. Keeping their growing minds happy with quick snacks is always a sweet idea.

Thanksgiving Unit: The Great Turkey Race Kitchen Creation
Gobble gobble up these cute snack packs!

Thanksgiving Unit: The Great Turkey Race Kitchen Creation
Kitchen creators hard at work!


Need A Break From Cooking Up Great Lesson Plans?

Visit Here for the already prepared

"The Great Turkey Race"

lesson plan.

Thanksgiving Unit: The Great Turkey Race
The Great Turkey Race Lesson Plan


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