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Sun Themed Activities:

Updated: Apr 3

Bright Ideas To Make Your Learning Activities Shine

Left In The Dark

While coordinating our mini unit homeschool study about the sun, I wanted to include the beloved learning activities. For whatever reason, producing some themed activities all about the enormous star, had me feeling a bit lost in space. I couldn't be left in the dark for long though, because the week was

The Sunny Side

After previewing some great books about the sun, I could feel the ideas starting to brighten. Reading about solar flares, its temperature, and its makeup, all heated up my creativity and lit it on fire. Before long, I was coming up with some fun game names and activities, which helped me to tie in the learning topics. As I was formulating the lesson pan, it 'dawned' on me...

What is something that is always needed when hanging with the sun?

That's right, sunscreen!

I knew using the white, creamy lotion would make way for some fun activities. So I gathered up some bottles and got to work.

Here's a couple ideas involving sunscreen that will get you glowing about a sun lesson plan.


"Slather the Sunscreen!"

If you have fair skin like mine, you're no stranger to slathering on the sunscreen when hanging outside in the sun, so use this process to have some fun! With little prep, this activity will have your kids enjoying lotioning up while practicing their vocabulary skills.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

Wax paper

Construction paper

6 Clipart images


Popsicle stick

Poster board


Paper Plate


Let's Make It:

Step 1: Tape 2 pieces of construction paper together end to end in order to make a long piece.

Step 2: Print out the clipart images of your choice. Here is a resource if you need it. You will need to print 6 characters.

Step 3: Tape the character images onto the construction paper, leaving space between each one.

Step 4: Make a list of vocabulary words you would like to review or print a worksheet Here.

Step 5: Using a marker, write one of the vocabulary words under each character on the paper.

Step 6: Make the hand paddles. Cut out 2 small hand shapes from poster board. Tape a Popsicle stick in between the cutouts and tape the edges of the hands together. Label the hand with the game title if desired.

Step 7: Set up. Lay out the game sheet with the images on the table. Lay out a section of wax paper over the game sheet and tape to secure it. Squeeze out some sunscreen onto the paper plate and place the hand paddle nearby.


When ready, have the players listen to the word definitions you read aloud. Once they determine which word on the page matches that definition, they will then use their hand paddle to slather on the sunscreen over the word and character. Play continues until all the words have been matched to the given definition and all the characters have on sunscreen.


Sunscreen Experiment:

Include a low maintenance science experiment by testing different types of sunscreen against the sun. It may not look like much, but this simple experiment can put the scientific method to use by having the kids make their predictions and observations as to which type of sunscreen is most effective in protection against sun rays. With minimal supplies required, this experiment is one where you won't have to spend time tracking down obscure items since you more than likely have them on hand.

Sun Mini Unit
Minimal supplies, but a lot to observe!

What You'll Need:

Black construction paper


Various brands/styles of sunscreen

Set It Up:

Step 1: Cut black construction paper in half. You will need a half sheet per sunscreen you will be testing along with one sheet to serve as the control.

Step 2: Using a marker, label the top of the paper with the sunscreen brands/styles. Label one sheet "No Sunscreen".

Step 3: Lay out the papers outside in an area that receives direct sunlight. Place rocks or some type of weight on the corners of the papers.

Step 4: Place some sunscreen on the kids' hands and have them drag the sunscreen on the coordinating labeled paper.

Step 5: Leave for 2-3 hours.

Step 6: Revisit the papers and observe and record your findings.

Questions to ask:

What happened to the color of the papers?

Did any of the color fade?

What portion of the paper's color stayed the same?

How did your predictions compare to the actual outcome? etc.

  • Compare the differences in the paper color and examine which paper and brand of sunscreen was most effective in keeping the paper black.


These were just a couple ways I made the sun shine in our mini unit study about the sun.

If you have more ideas, leave a comment!

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Don't Let The Sun Set Just Yet!

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