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St.Patrick's Day Treats

Updated: Mar 12

Make Their Treats Magically Delicious!


If you're looking for a fun and playful St. Patrick's Day food craft with excitement, then these treats are certainly ones to try. Growing on our homeschool lesson plan all about shamrocks and leading up to the mischievous St. Patrick's Day, I just had to work my mom magic into our kitchen creation.

We love to make creations each week that work along side our thematic units, and the idea for these treats sprouted perfectly in place. What we love most about these "Shamrock Snaps" is that they didn't take many ingredients, making them come together in a snap, but besides that, they held a magical surprise!

Pluck your ingredients from the shelf, and get these entertaining treats growing for you and your little ones to enjoy!

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Shamrock Snaps

What You'll Need:

Green Candy Melts


White Candy Melts and Green Food Coloring


Gold Sprinkles

Lollipop Sticks

Green Icing

Parchment Paper

Let's Make It!

Step 1: Make a template. Cut a square from

parchment paper. Place 3 pretzels down on the

paper to resemble the shape of a clover. Trace

along the outside of the pretzels.

Step 2: Place the template under another layer of

parchment paper. Place the candy melts in

a microwavable bowl and heat until melted.

If using white candy melts, add desired amount

of green food coloring to achieve your shamrock color.

Step 3: Spread the melted candy on top of the parchment paper, following the template shape.

Step 4: Place 3 pretzels onto the melted candy, allowing them to stick well to the candy, and in the shamrock shape. Insert the lollipop stick between the 2 lower pretzels, ensuring the stick is pressed gently into the candy.

Step 5: Place the shaped melted candy in the freezer for roughly 2 minutes to allow for it to set up and harden.

Step 6: Make the top shamrock layer. Repeat step 3 to make another shamrock shape from the green melted candy. Place this shamrock into the freezer until set and hardened.

Step 7: Remove the set shamrock layers from the

freezer. Sprinkle a generous amount of gold sprinkles

over the pretzels.

Step 8: Place the top shamrock layer over the

bottom layer and spread the melted candy along the

sides to join the layers together. Ensure the melted

candy has filled in any cracks or openings along the

sides and bottom, near the stick.

Place the shamrock into the freezer to until the

melted candy has set.

Step 9: Remove the shamrock from the freezer.

Use the green icing to pipe leaflet details as desired.

Step 10: Serve, eat, and enjoy snapping the leaflets off the shamrock to reveal the magic gold hidden inside!


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