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S'Mores Learning Activity

Have S'more Fun Spelling!

Prepare The Ingredients

Ingredients for successful spelling skills, that is!

We absolutely love the experience of making s'mores together as a family- who doesn't?

The sweet tradition, making warm memories around the fire, is one to keep with. We've made s'mores around just about every type of fireside you can think of, from our homemade mini s'more maker, to our slightly larger homemade fire pit, to the traditional campfire s'mores. It just doesn't matter the size of the fire, what matters is the size of the smiles!

With our love for s'mores and the outdoors, it got me thinking about a new topic to explore for our homeschool lesson. A topic that included our beloved s'more treats, along with more outdoor themed activities and learning- the Wilderness Unit!

I knew that if I were to create a lesson themed all upon the ins and outs of the wild outdoors, I would have one sweet treat of a week together. I lit a fire on the idea, and put together one of our all time favorite lessons that was sure to include s'more than just s'mores.

If your homeschool compass is pointing towards a wilderness themed lesson, then be sure to pack the ingredients for this tasty and effective spelling activity!



Spelling Activity

The goal of this activity was for my kiddos to practice their weekly spelling words, while keeping with our wilderness theme, and filling in their jumbo s'more.

Wilderness Unit: S'mores Add the Mallows Learning Activity
Placing mallows into the correct letter hole

Using some white poster board and brown paper, I assembled a quick and easy game board. The lighter brown paper represented the graham cracker, so rectangles were taped to the top and the bottom of the game board, leaving a large gap between the brown sections. The darker brown rectangle represented the chocolate, so I add that piece to the bottom graham cracker piece.

Wilderness Unit: S'more Learning Spelling Activity
Identifying the missing letters and filling up the jumbo s'more board

I then used our weekly spelling words to create game cards from brown paper. Once the squares were cut from the paper, I wrote each spelling word on a card, leaving a letter from each word a blank space. Once done, I stacked the cards together, cut out holes from the center of the game board, and labeled each hole with a missing spelling letter from the game cards.

My kiddos each were given their ingredients to start the activity: game boards, game cards, and marshmallows! They flipped over each card from their stack, identified the missing letter needed, and filled the correct letter hole in the s'more game board with a marshmallow.

This activity was easy to prepare and kept them hands-on while working their spelling skills...along with enjoying a marshmallow or two, which brought a smile!

Wilderness Unit: S'more Learning Activity
Add The Mallows Spelling Activity


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Let's Adventure Together!

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