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Ring In The New Year: Family Fun

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Party Like A Kid!

Let The Countdown Begin

There's always the decision that comes around this time of year-

should we go out or stay in?

Determining the answer on just how to celebrate the turning over of a new year, widely depends on one large factor for my husband and I :

What will be fun to do with the kids?

Although New Year's Eve had always been a holiday I could happily sleep through, once I had kids, that outlook changed for me. I wanted to turn my least favorite holiday into one that, for them, was exciting and playful.

The Ball's About To Drop!

So with the new found vision, I needed to get on the ball before it was going to drop. I gathered up all the "greats" and "favorites" of a child's party plan; games, junk food, and noise before the clock struck midnight!

10... 9... 8...

The year may be winding down, but the fun is cranking up! If you're looking for some party ideas to entertain the kids (and yourself) while preparing for the countdown, I've got you covered for the makings of a Happy New Year!


The Bounce Party!

This party theme is one that had my kids bouncing off the walls, literally! To create this entertaining theme, start by first, heading to a store where the kids can pick a fresh new pair of pajamas and large bouncy ball(s). While there, be sure to grab some favorite refreshments because they are going to need them. Once home, gear up in the new jammies, serve up the snacks, and set up their mattresses and bouncy balls in the living room. My kids bounced the night away, I was waiting for them to drop instead of the Times Square ball!

Ring In The New Year: Family Fun
New Year's Bounce Party

Ring In The New Year: Family Fun
Bounced 'til she dropped!

The Popcorn Party!

It's a classic for a reason- it's one poppin' party! Gear up with a variety of popcorn styles- kernels, microwavable, and puffed. Pop up some kernels to get things going, and begin the creative madness. Together have fun into the night making popcorn balls, caramel corn, and popcorn treats using marshmallows. Get crafty by stringing popcorn, painting it, and creating popcorn kernel mosaics. Keep the party popping by setting up a popcorn taste test or new popcorn flavor station using various seasonings. Pass more time by playing popcorn games. Guess how many popcorn kernels didn't pop, or how many popcorn pieces are in the bowl. This party theme can keep the kids happily creating and playing until the clock strikes twelve!

Ring In The New Year: Family Fun
Popcorn creator at work!

Ring In The New Year: Family Fun
Carmel popcorn balls

There's More To Learn About Popcorn!

Get Your Homeschool Year Poppin' With The Popcorn Lesson Plan!

The Roller Party!

It's time to bust out the wheels! Set up this party theme by gathering up some glow sticks, glow necklaces, and of course, roller skates and/or roller seats. Clear the floor, and tape off the roller rink area with glow sticks. Prepare the guests with their glow necklaces and wheels. Once ready and in the rink, turn down the lights and get rolling! For game ideas, play "Roll-Or-Freeze," where skaters will roll until the music stops, or play "Roller Says", in which the rollers will follow directives like, "roller says, roll to the fridge" or "roller says, roll to the tv", etc. Careful to listen for the "roller says" first though, or otherwise you'll have to roll out! Party foods to include for this theme- all things round; pizza or pinwheel wraps, cheese and wheel pastas, chicharrones (Mexican wheel chips), orange slices, and swiss cake rolls. There's plenty more to grown on with this fun theme, but hopefully these ideas will get your wheels turning!

The Balloon Party!

What's more fun to kids than balloons? They are already a welcome sign for fun. For this party gather up as many balloon types and sizes you can, but don't forget the balloon pump. Fill balloons with small goodies in order to play a suspenseful round of"Pop It". Tape the filled balloons to a wall or door and give the players toothpicks. Have them take turns popping the balloons to reveal their prize. Next up, play a round of musical balloons. Blow up balloons and tape them down on the floor to create a circle. Hit the music and have the players circle them until the music stops. Once it does, players must sit on a balloon and try to pop it first. Continue the game in rounds until all the balloons have been popped. For a cool craft, fill up balloons with water and food coloring then place them in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the rubber balloon covering to reveal a beautiful crystal ice ball. Complete the night by making wild balloon hats to wear to bring in the new year with style.

Ring In The New Year: Family Fun
Ringing in the New Year with style!

Ring In The New Year: Family Fun
"Pop It" balloon game

The Cookie Party!

Being a huge cookie loving family, this one was sure to please all of us. Sweeten the New Year's wait time by setting up a cookie creation station. Have the kids design and decorate bell shaped or baby shaped cookies to go with the New Year's party theme. Then, ring them into the kitchen to create their very own unique cookie recipes from scratch. Host a friendly competition to see which new cookie flavor wins and present the winner with a #1 cookie award. Next up, get the cookie games going by playing "Cookie Stack". Using various size and shaped cookies, have players try and stack up the cookies without them falling over. Whoever makes the cookie stack fall, has to take a sip from their milk glass. Last person with the most milk in their glass after 5 rounds, wins the game... and all the cookies! Next up, cookie twister! Make a large circle from craft paper and draw various shapes as chocolate chips. Have the players take to the cookie mat, while you call out directives like "right foot triangle, or left hand square!" See who is the toughest cookie to take down in this fast action game. Last, it's the taste bud challenge- have players try and guess brand name cookies from the generic cookies in a blind taste test. No matter what, this party is sure to start the New Year off sweet!

Give Your Homeschool Year A Sweet Start With The Smart Cookie Lesson Plan Along With More Great Lesson Plans HERE!

Ring In The New Year: Family Fun Cookie Stack Game
Don't let the stack fall!

Ring In The New Year: Family Fun Cookie Twister Game
Seeing who will be the last standing in Cookie Twister

Watch our "Cookie Stack" game in action! This game had us all in suspense.


Ring In The New Year: Family

Let's Keep This Party Going!

Find more fun ideas, activities, and creations Here!


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