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Pirate Facts For Kids

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

A Pirate's Life For Me...

But What's A Pirate's Life Like?

A few weeks into our home school year, and with my son fascinated and obsessed with gold and treasure, it led me to plan for a thematic unit on pirates. We all know the concept of pirates from the movies of course, but there's more to pirates than silver and gold, matey. In fact, there is so much more, which made preparing a lesson plan around the topic weigh anchor pretty easily.

Here are some quick pirate facts we plundered from our studies:


The Pirate Code

Despite the unruly reputation, pirates had rules. The set of rules was known as the code of conduct. Pirates voted on who would be captain and could also vote them out again.

The pirate code included rules like, no fighting on the ship as any disputes had to be settled on land. Another rule by Captain Bartholomew Robert's said that lights had to go out at 8 o'clock at night. Yet another rule of the pirate code stated that all the plunder was to be shared equally. Gold coins were cut up to make sure everyone got an equal share.

Sail Ho!

Pirates used ships that were small and fast. These small ships were called sloops and were able to turn quickly to catch slower heavier ships full of loot. Having the smaller ship also make it easier to escape ships after them.

Talk Like A Pirate

A pirate used far more than "Arg!" or "Arr!" to express themselves. They used other phrases like "Show a leg!" in order to wake a sleeping pirate. "Blimey!" and "Sink me!" were used to express surprise. Other times, pirate language was used in reference to the ship or sailing like, "Haul wind", "Furl", and "Heave".

Injury Insurance

Pirates donated a portion of their riches to help other pirates who had been injured. Being a pirate was a very dangerous way of life as many pirates lost limbs from cannon fire.

Yo Ho Ho!

Pirates loved to sing songs and would even sing as they hauled up the sails. They loved to sing and dance. Musicians were among the most valuable members of the crew. Pirates also loved keeping exotic animals, like monkeys and parrots, as pets.

Who's Edward Teach?

One of the most infamous and terrifying pirates, better known as Captain Blackbeard. His nickname came from his long black beard. He would twist into his beard, bits of lighted fuse which he would light to scare enemies.

Not Only Men

Some women were pirates. Anne Bonny and Mary Read were two famous pirates. They dressed in men's clothes and were savage fighters.


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Pirate Unit: "Pay the Pirate" Learning Activity
"Pay the Pirate" Learning Activity

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