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Human Heart: Valentine's Day Lesson Plan

Updated: Feb 11

Love Your Lesson Plan

It's Love Day!

A wonderful day to take a pause and really love on those around you- Valentine's Day!

Not to say my kids and I don't show our love everyday, but for us, Valentine's Day is so special, and a fun day to celebrate with gifts as sweet as they are.

When planning a week of homeschool study that just so happened to include this special day, I got to thinking- beyond the goodies and our past study on St. Valentine- and thought about what new avenue I could take that would pair up nicely with Valentine's Day.


As we all say, "love comes from the heart", it didn't take me long for my own heart to skip a beat at the idea of creating a lesson plan about the magnificent muscle- the heart.

Studying the heart for a Valentine's Day theme was more than a sweet idea, it was a match made in Heaven!

Here's some ideas I hope you and your young learners fall in love with!

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Straight To The Heart

We started off pumping the anatomy of the heart into our heads by labeling a diagram of it. Sketching out our own over sized heart on poster board, made for each section of the heart to be easily identified with prepared labels, and furthered our understanding of this miraculous muscle.


Pump Up The Fun!

Inside each lesson, I love to include core learning concepts we play as games or activities. For our heart lesson, I created language, math, and spelling games all to do with how the heart functions, or themed upon the heart and its actions. Playing learning games not only aids in comprehension of the topic, but adds tons of fun and laughs.


Pump In The Learning!

What better way to learn about the heart, than to see its abilities hands on! This theme was full of science and math concepts that they were able to see in action. We explored capacity, and how much the human heart can pump in and out with the fun activity "Pour Your Heart Out." We also worked our estimation and measurement skills by playing "Cry Your Heart Out." Even more, with a few supplies already laying around, we were able to create a heart pump, which examined how the different parts of the heart work together to pump blood the body. My heart was racing with all the remarkable learning taking place!


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