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"How The Grinch Stole Christmas" Lesson Plans

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

"I Must Find Some Way To Keep

Christmas From Coming!"

Ho, Ho, Ho, It's Coming!

Ready or not, Christmas is on its way and without any delay! It seems with each passing year the fastest holiday to come around the bend is Christmas. As my mom always says, (in about the month of July) "...before you know it, it'll be Christmas." I used to think it was silly how much of a leap that was, but now know it is actually true. Time speeds on by and with the busy holiday season, comes the exciting holiday lesson plans!

"I know just what to do,"

the Grinch

laughed in his


And All Thanks To This Holiday Classic,

I know just what to do too-

Being that "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss, is a common read during Christmas time, I knew there was plenty of inspiration there to build on. Narrowing it down was more the challenge on a unit like this one. Here are just a few great activities I put together that I knew I couldn't leave out. Be sure to keep these in mind when planning your next Grinch lesson plan.


"What's In Grinch's Sack?"

Add the element of surprise while practicing graphing. This entertaining and easy to prepare math activity will keep their attention and have them working their graphing skills without even realizing it. Fill a Santa bag with as wild of items as you desire and have the kids blindly pull an item out. Once an

item is revealed, it can be graphed on the paired worksheet.

The Grinch Unit: Sight Word Snowball Fight Learning Activity
"Sight Word Snowball Fight" Word game

"Sight Word Snowball Fight"

An easy and quick activity to put together

with a big reward at the end- an indoor snowball fight! Players earn their snowballs for every two sight word flashcards they read correctly.

Once their Grinch themed bag is full, take cover,

the snowball fight is on!

The Grinch Unit: "Grabbing Grinch" Learning Activity
Carefully grabbing the correctly spelled ornaments

"Grabbing Grinch"

With a bit of prep, you can have your young learners snatching away. The only difference

between the Grinch and them is that they are only after the ornaments with the correctly spelled words inside. An alternative way to play this learning game is by having them recognize and collect the

called out sight words on the ornaments.


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