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Homeschool Help: Dental Health Lesson Plans

Open Wide!

It's A Lesson Plan Check-up.

More like a lesson plan that includes all the great, healthy aspects surrounding a check-up at the dentist's office. It's fairly common for kids to have some reservations about dental check-ups, but the more they learn about the process and the importance of good oral hygiene, the more prepared and ready they can be for those wonderful visits to the dentist's chair.

Having this in mind, and with it being dental health month, I wanted for my kids to take close examination of all the best practices for caring for their beautiful smiles and all that's behind them.

Brush Up.

Besides the brush, floss, and rinse, there is a mouthful to speak of about the topic of dental health. All I needed to do was brush up some of my ideas to really make this lesson plan sparkle. My goal was to make the lesson plan as interactive and engaging for them as I could while still reviewing key topics. What I created not only had them smiling, but eager to care for their little chompers.

If there's a lesson on oral hygiene on your tongue, then here are some fresh ideas to get your lesson rolling.



Pull in their interests by chewing on these great book suggestions to introduce the topic for the week.

Llama Llama Loses a Tooth by Anna Dewdney

Read aloud together this fun and entertaining story, and help to retrace Llama Llama's day in hopes of finding his lost tooth. Will he find it before bedtime?

The Tooth Book by Mark Bacera

A humorous story that will have you kids engaged by guessing wild items that start with the letter "T". This book also shares helpful information on the types of teeth and dental procedures.

Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth by James Dean

Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to be the tooth fairy? In this sweet story, readers will get to travel along with Pete the cat as he assists the tooth fairy in her very busy night. Do you think Pete will be able to do a great job?



Fill in the lesson with loads of hands on learning activities and games. Fill in core learning material to each game, such as building compound words, or composing number sentences, or shape identification, by involving the concepts of teeth and oral hygiene in order to play them. Stringing the theme into the learning games not only makes for a ton of fun, but advances their understanding of the whole topic altogether.

Dental Unit: "Pull the Tooth" learning game
Pulling teeth from the mouth in order to build a compound word in "Pull A Tooth!" language activity.

Dental Unit: "Brush It Off" Math Learning Activity
Time for a scrub down in order to reveal numbers to practice composing and solving equations.

Dental Unit: "Toothpaste Trace" Learning Activity
Writing with toothpaste to identify and trace 2D shapes.



Top off the lesson with tangible fun by setting up their very own brushing station. Include all the necessities, but with a twist! Flip over an ice cube tray and add markings with dry erase marker, along with bits of play-doh chunks, then use the colored shaving cream to scrub away the mess. Experiment with the effects that various liquids have on teeth by soaking boiled eggs in them. Lastly, satisfy their sweet tooth by treating them to a "Being clean is a dream" goody box. Include all the makings of a well maintained mouth- automatic toothbrush, travel toothpaste and mouth wash, and as always, don't forget the floss!

Dental Unit: "Being Clean Is A Dream" Goody Boxes
"Being Clean Is A Dream" goody boxes had them racing to the sink to test everything out!

Dental Unit: "Brush Your Teeth" Activity
A fun exercise in the learning the steps of thoroughly cleaning our teeth.

Dental Unit: "How Liquids Effect Our Teeth" Science Experiment
This fun experiment had them very inquisitive and eager to see the results of various liquids on our teeth.


Let's Keep You Smiling!

Find The Complete Dental Health Lesson Plan

Dental Unit: Taste Bud Test Activity
Exploring the various taste buds we have with this fun taste test.


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