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Halloween Crafts and Creations: Home School Ideas

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

"I'm So Glad I Live In A World Where There Are Octobers"

It's All Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus

Maybe it's because Halloween is the big kick off to all the other holidays, but in my family, we love all things Halloween. It's got it all, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, tricks and treats! So for our home school unit, I made sure to make the festivities creep right into our studies by creating a lesson plan all about witches and Halloween. As part of each lesson plan, I love to include coordinating crafts and kitchen creations to keep learning fun and engaging. This thematic unit didn't disappoint and made witches out of us all!

I Put A Spell On You

And now you're... inspired! Here are some frightfully fun ideas to get the Halloween spirits rising up out of the graves and into your home!


Witch Broomstick Bags:

The only way to tote along snacks, candy, or other goodies, is by filling the witch broomstick bags. With items you likely already have on hand, these goody bags are fun to make and easy for kids to assemble. Prepare the broom bristles by cutting 1" strips at the top of a paper lunch bag. Insert an uncut paper lunch bag into the broom bristles. Fill the bag with candy, chex mix, or other spell ingredients of choice. Insert a wooden dowel and gather up the two bags around the wooden dowel. Tie the tops of the bags to the wooden dowel with orange yarn. You'll be off and flying!


Spell Books:

A witch would be lost without a book of spells! To make these you'll just need brown paper lunch bags, lined paper, a hole punch, string, and imagination. Cut 2 paper lunch bags in half. Discard the bottom halves. Fold and insert lined paper in between the two lunch bag pieces. Next, hole punch along the side. Loop and string through a piece of string and tie to secure all the pages together. Now for the imagination, decorate as spooky and eerie as desired using various craft materials and markers. We used our spell books to practice writing our weekly spelling words, but 'which'-ever way you would like to use it is up to you.


Monster Marshmallow Pops:

So easy, so festive! My kids go crazy for anything involving marshmallows. I loved how festive these pops looked and how quickly they were eaten. Here's what you'll need: Marshmallow, candy eyes, icing, food coloring spray, and sticks or straws (I used plastic Halloween straws from the Dollar Tree). Have the kids stick a mallow on the stick and decorate as desired.


Tombstone Treats:

A spooky dessert snack was a welcomed brain break during the course of our witch and Halloween lesson. Kids can have fun away from their desks and chairs and into a creation station. Together crunch up the Oreos and use the candy garnishes to create a tombstone scene in a pudding cup. Toppings we used included; gummy worms, candy corn pumpkins, Nutter Butter cookies. Dig up some fun and enjoy!


Don't Fly Off Just Yet,

There's More Halloween Ideas Brewing...

Find Complete Halloween Lesson Plan HERE.

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