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Food Craft: "Sweet Tweets"

Updated: Jan 11

Lovebird Themed Treats

Lovebirds Lesson Plan: Sweet Tweets Kitchen Creation
"Sweet Tweet" Kitchen Creation Food Craft


Flying into our homeschool lesson plan all about lovebirds, I just had to add in a special kitchen creation to pair with it. After all, this week happened to include a special day you may have heard of once or a hundred times before- Valentine's Day- so tying in a sweet treat was certainly fitting.

If you've been homeschooling for any time at all, you've likely already gone through the standard Valentine's Day themes. By year three, I felt I certainly had- from the Valentine's Day themed week, to learning the history of how the tradition began, to our human heart thematic unit. I was fluttering around deciding on what topic we could cover next, that still touched upon the sweethearts day, then I finally perched on the idea...


The endearing small parrots, always found in pairs, and who stay true to their mate. Yes, lovebirds seemed to be a perfect match for a Valentine's lesson plan, that would explore more than just an exclusive Valentine's day lesson.

So I got to flying on preparing our thematic unit study all about lovebirds, and was sure to include a sweet treat to share with my sweethearts!

What we wound up creating was absolutely adorable, from their fluff to their beaks, and we fell deeply in love with these sugary delights.

I hope you find this easy kitchen craft as fun and adorable as we did, and of course, delicious!

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Sweet Tweets Treats

What You'll Need:

Cotton Candy

Candy Eyes

Pretzel Rods

Trail Mix


Optional For Display:

Graham Crackers

Let's Make It:

Step 1: Pull off a section of cotton candy from the bag (roughly the size of your palm, depending on how large you would like them).

Gently shape the cotton candy to

resemble the shape of a bird.

Step 2: Add the eye(s). Using a tiny touch of water, dab the water

onto the cotton candy where you

would like to place the eye. Stick the candy eye to the wet cotton candy.

Repeat for the other eye if


Step 3: Add the beak. From the trail mix, select a piece of fruit/nut

and press it into the front of the

cotton candy near the eye. If necessary, use a tiny drop of water to get

the beak to hold.

Step 4: Add the wings. Tear off a small bit of cotton candy from in the bag, and gently curve and shape the piece to

resemble a wing. Press the wing piece to the bird body in order to attach it. Repeat for the other side.

Step 5: Prepare the perch. Gently insert 2 toothpicks along the pretzel rod.

Ensure to leave a gap between

the two toothpicks to allow for two lovebirds to fit.

Step 6: Once a lovebird is complete, slide it onto the toothpick.

Repeat to add a second lovebird to

the pretzel rod.

Step 7: If desired, add crumbled graham crackers to a tray and place the

completed perches into the graham



Get the complete

full of activities, games, paired worksheets and more!


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