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Fall Unit Study: Apples

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Falling Leaves, Cool Weather, and Caramel Apples...

It's Time To Plan For Fall!

And Plan For Another Fun Unit Study.

Did you know that there are over 7,500 varieties of apples out there! With so many apples, there are so many options on what you can make with them.

Apple Pies, Candied Apples, Caramel Apples, Applesauce...

And An Apple Unit!

Have you been considering a unit study on apples?

It's no wonder why. Apples are a great topic because there is a lot of core information about them that can cross over into all areas and subjects of learning. From the anatomy of an apple to good 'ol Johnny Appleseed himself, there is so much that you can include while studying apples. But once you start bobbing for apple information, you may find it is a lot to organize. Don't jump out of your apple skin yet...

It's As Easy As Apple Pie!

Let me walk you through some ways to make your apple unit study a success.


1. Books About Apples:

Books are always a springboard to lay some groundwork on your unit study plans. Some books about apples that pair nicely are:

So You Want to Grow A Pie by Bridget Heos

In this story a young girl wants to grow a pie and learns where the ingredients come from and grows a fruit tree.

From Blossom To Apple by Sarah Ridley

This book is especially useful as it includes great visuals and labels on parts of the apple blossom. This book will walk young readers through the life cycle of an apple.

The Case of the Bad Apples: A Wilcox and Griswold Mystery by Robin Newman

Characters Wilcox and Griswold are on the case in this story, to find out who poisoned the apples Porcini pigged out on. As added fun, a recipe is included that you could tie in with the unit.


2. Flesh out some learning activities.

Next to include are some learning activities that "stem" from apples. For example, make an apple tree from craft paper so they can pick apple cutouts off the branches and sort them into baskets. This type of activity can be used to practice any level of language or math topics.

Slice up some apples to practice fractions, like in our "Apple Slice" game. With some quick cuts from felt, you can have them representing fractions in no time.


3. Add in some more fun.

Science and snacks are always favorites in our studies. Add in some fun by creating apple recipes together, like caramel apples. Work with apples to try various science experiments, such as testing if they sink or float or what happens to the flesh when placed in different liquids.

4. Apple Picking

If available, add in a field trip to an apple orchard or cider mill. A day out inspires young learners better than ever, and gives them the ability to apply the week's study in real life instances. Enjoy more fun at home by bobbing for apples right in the kitchen sink.

The possibilities are as many as there are apples!


Looking For An Apple Unit Study Already Prepared?

Click Here.

There are no bad apples in this unit!


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