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Facts About Soda: Let's Get Poppin'!

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Pop, Fizz, Ah!

We all know soda is tasty, but what else do we know about it?

AHHH, soda pop- colorful, bubbly, and delicious!

It's true soda is a delicious beverage, with a wide variety of flavor options.

But beyond the obvious, there is so much more to learn about soda.

Looking into it further as our unit study for homeschool, we realized that there is a gallon more of information and facts about the fizzy liquid, and we wanted to drink it all in!

Refill, Please!

I poured all the details of soda, the good and the bad, into our soda pop lesson plan. Fun experiments, how soda got its start, a trip to the soda shop of course, and so much more!

It all began with the first drop though, starting with the facts.

So here's a taste of some fun facts to know about soda or to include in your own studies.


Soda was invented in 1767

Joseph Priestly was a chemist who invented soda by adding fixed air to water.

Soda was first sold in pharmacies.

Believed to be a cure for illnesses, soda was sold in pharmacies to help people take their prescriptions easily.

The average child drinks over 500 cans of soda a year!

Soda pulls calcium from our bones and increases tooth decay along with other negative health problems.

The Oldest Soda Is Dr. Pepper

Created in 1885, Dr. Pepper was the first soda invented, as we know them today. One year later, Coca-Cola was invented.

Soda Jerks

People who worked the soda fountains were called soda jerks. This came to be because of the constant jerking motion to pump the soda water.

Our Soda Lesson Really "Popped!"

If you would like the complete soda unit lesson plan click here.

and visit here to see how the soda theme and many others were poured into the rest of our core learning.

Trust me, this thematic unit won't fall flat!


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