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Edible Moss: Kitchen Creation

Kitchen Creation For Kids

Swamp Creature Unit Kitchen Creation
Edible Moss Creation

Spongy, Strange, and Super!

While working on a kitchen creation idea in our homeschool Swamp Creature Lesson, I knew whatever I was to plan for us, it was going to need a special touch of strange and unusual- just like the Swamp Creature.

After doing some research, I uncovered a quick and easy way to create what I was after, and only required what I already had on hand.

My discovery... Edible Moss!

The great thing about this creation is that it also served as a science experiment!

Mixing, measuring, and predicting what the outcome would be to this seemingly strange mixture and method, had my young learners intrigued.

Can I really eat it?

Is it going to harden?

Will it explode?

Loving all the questions that were being dredged up, I knew that this kitchen creation was one that was going to become a core memory for them, and pair perfectly with the rest of our kitchen creation.

Swamp Creature Unit Kitchen Creation
Swamp Sludge Cups Kitchen Creation

*Check out how we used our edible moss for our Swamp Sludge Cups HERE*

Get the complete Swamp Creature Lesson filled with learning games, activities, paired worksheets and more HERE.

So catch your little creatures and get experimenting (and eating) this fun kitchen creation!


Edible Moss Recipe

Swamp Creature Unit Kitchen Creation
Edible Moss Kitchen Creation

What You'll Need:

Bread Flour

Baking Powder

1 Egg



Green Food Coloring

Plastic Cups

Swamp Creature Unit Kitchen Creation
The Spread: Edible Moss Ingredients

Let's Make It:

Swamp Creature Unit Kitchen Creation: Edible Moss
Whisking the mixture

Step 1: In a mixing bowl, combine 1 tbsp.

of sugar and 1 room temperature egg.

Use a hand mixer to whisk together until

light and fluffy.

Step 2: Add in roughly 2 tbsp. of honey and drops of green food coloring. Whisk together.

Step 3: Use a sifter to slowly add in the combined 3 tbsp. of flour and 1 ¼ tsp. of baking powder.

Swamp Creature Unit Kitchen Creation: Edible Moss
Getting closer to our creation!

Step 4: Use a spatula to gently fold and mix the ingredients together.

Step 5: Pour the mixture into cups, ⅓ full, in order to allow space for the moss to expand.

Step 6: Place each cup in the microwave for 30 seconds. Watch it grow!

Step 7: Carefully remove the cup from the microwave. Once cooled, cut the plastic cup to remove the spongy moss.

Swamp Creature Unit Kitchen Creation: Edible Moss
My happy creator!

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