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Creep into the swamp in this five day learning adventure to discover...THE SWAMP CREATURE! Learn about this folklore and comic character while investigating its habitat, ecosystem, and more! Young scientists will examine the swamp food web and the benefit of composting. Weed through more core learning topics such as division and multiplication; figurative language; and adjectives while playing engaging swamp themed learning games. Fuel your swamp creature hunt with a delicious kitchen creation. There's a world of learning in this vegetation exploration!


Swamp Creature Unit Highlights:

- Flexible 5 day lesson plan

- 2 Spelling activities

- 2 Language activities

- 4 Math activities/games

- 1 "What We Learned" Math review sheet

- Paired worksheets

- 1 "Comic Creator" writing sheets set

- 4 Science activity sheets

- 2 Read alouds with Jess

- 1 Bible Devotional worksheet set

- 1 Bible Verse suggestion

- 1 Daily Start activity sheet set

- 2 Kitchen Creations

- 1 Field trip suggestion



The Swamp Creature Unit Lesson Plan

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