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Bubble Gum Thematic Unit: Home School Lesson Planning

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Making Your Lesson Pop!

Chewy, Sticky, Sweet, and Fun

Give Me, Give Me Bubble Gum!

I loved it as a kid, especially if I got my hands on the bubble tape, because well, the only thing to limit how much I chewed was the size of my mouth. With the bright colors, variety of flavors, and instant sugar rush, what kid wouldn't desire fun bubble gum. With the joy that bubble gum brings, I thought, how about bringing that joy of bubble gum to a complete week's study themed all around it.

The Idea Totally Stuck!

And I'm so glad it did, because building a whole lesson plan about it, turned out pretty sweet. As you may have seen gumballs used as fun learning tools before, I wanted to do more about the topic than count them. Here's how I got the gumball rolling to piece together a lesson plan that really popped!


First, Chew On It:

Start by chewing on some fun reads about the history of how bubble gum all began and other relatable stories.

POP! The Invention of Bubble Gum by Meghan McCarthy

An enjoyable and kid level explanation of how the great bubble gum we know today was invented.

Bubblemania by Lee Wardlaw

Shares everything to know about bubble gum, including a trip through a gum factory and gum recipe.

The Bubble Gum Kid by Stu Smith

A silly rhyming story of a boy who loves to chew bubble gum and the school bully who gets his comeuppance.

Bubble Gum Brain by Julia Cook

A relatable and insightful read for kids that teaches that making mistakes is helpful in growing and expanding the way you think.


Next, "S T R E T C H" The Theme:

Beyond using gumballs as counting tools, there are so many ways to pull the bubblegum theme into learning topics. Make games that involve sticking to items, like particular word cards for language practice or advance writing skills by 'stretching' sentences by adding details and conjunctions. Other activities may be buying gumballs from the gumball machine or pretend gum factory in order to review money identification and counting.

Bubble Gum Unit- Bubble Gum Factory Learning Activity
Practicing money skills at the Bubble Gum Factory!

Bubble Gum Unit- Stretch the Sentence Learning Activity
Stretch the gum to add and enhance the simple sentence.

Our learning adventure in action: "Gumball Shopping"


Then, Make It Sweet!

Add more fun by inventing new gum flavors, writing about them and then testing them out. Find out the science of bubble gum by making bubble gum at home with a bubble gum kit. Explore the ingredients that go into bubble gum, add flavors and colors, then cut and wrap the gum you created. Share with friends and family, or enjoy on your own.

Bubble Gum Unit- Gum Making Crafts and Creations
Examining the gum kit contents

Bubble Gum Unit-Gum Making Learning Activity
Enjoying the taste and the information!

Bubble Gum Unit-Gum Making Crafts and Creations
Bubble gum experts!


Last, Make It Stick.

Immerse them further into the bubble gum theme by studying and making bubble gum art. Use shredded gum to create unique sculptures. Learn about Pop Art and use various gum wrappers to create your very own Pop Art pieces. If you live nearby one, visit a gum alley or research and compare pictures of different gum alleys.

Bubble Gum Unit- Bubble Gum Unit Crafts and Creations
Their works of art!

Bubble Gum Unit- Pop Art Crafts and Creations
Their Pop Art Masterpieces


Don't Let Your Bubble Pop!

There's more to smack about.

Find A Unique Bubble Gum Lesson Plan Already Prepared,

Visit Here.


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