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Acorn Themed Treats

Fall In Love With This Acorn Themed Treat!

Acorn Unit- Buried Acorn Treats Kitchen Creation
Buried Acorn Treats: A fun fall themed treat to create with your kids

The Acorns Were Falling...

And they were landing all over our homeschool lesson plan!

Transitioning from the month of October, and all the Halloween thematic units, I was excited to move right along into the festive fall and Thanksgiving lessons. Acorns fit well to bridge the gap. There was a great deal to explore with these nuts, and being as they may just be counted as the cutest nut out there- well, with those caps and all- I knew this was right up my kids' tree.

Put On My Thinking Cap

So, I put on my thinking cap and went to work, creating a fun and immersive lesson plan. To add to the lesson, and redirect them from Halloween to Fall, I thought what better than an themed treat to make them fall in love with our new acorn unit study.

Fell in love they did, and as it turns out, so did I! These treats came together so easily and their presentation was as sweet as their taste. My kids loved shaping and decorating their little acorns and assembling the final look.

So let's "dig" into this fall treat and get the acorns growing!


Buried Acorn Treats

Acorn Unit- Buried Acorn Treats Kitchen Creation
A cute and delicious creation perfect for fall.

What You'll Need:

Candy Melts- Brown, Orange, Yellow

Graham Crackers

Chocolate Cookies

Rice Krispies Treats

Clear Plastic Cups

Parchment Paper

Let's Make It:

Acorn Unit-Buried Acorn Treats Kitchen Creation
Filling her cup with tasty "soil" for her acorn treat

Step 1: Fill a baggie with graham crackers, zip it closed and crush up the graham crackers. Set aside.

Step 2: Fill a baggie with chocolate cookies, zip closed and crush up the cookies. Set aside.

Step 3: Cut the Rice Krispies Treats into smaller sections. Using your hands, shape the Krispies into acorn shaped figures. Add more Rice Krispies to form the cap and stem on top.

Step 4: Place the candy melts into separate microwavable bowls. Heat each bowl of candy melts until melted. Carefully remove each bowl from the microwave.

Step 5: Dip the acorn shapes into the candy melts and spread onto the acorn shape until it is covered.

Step 6: Decorate. Sprinkle the tops, or caps,

of the acorn with crushed graham cracker or crushed chocolate cookies, or use the colored candy melts only to decorate each acorn. Once done, place the acorns into the freezer for 2 minutes. Remove from freezer once the chocolate has set up.

Acorn Unit-Buried Acorn Treats Kitchen Creation
Treat assembly in process

Step 7: Make the chocolate trees. Lay out a section of parchment paper. Spoon the melted brown candy melts onto the parchment paper and drag the melted chocolate along the paper in order to form the shape of a tree. Once done, place the paper with the chocolate trees into the freezer for 3 minutes to set up. Once set, remove the paper and peel away the chocolate trees.

Step 8: Assemble the treat. Place an acorn into a clear plastic cup. Next, use either graham cracker crumbs or chocolate cookie crumbs to fill around the acorn and the rest of the cup. Insert a chocolate tree into the crumbs in the cup.

Step 9: Serve up the treat cups, and have fun pulling out the acorn treat to enjoy along with the chocolate tree!

Acorn Unit- Buried Acorn Treats Kitchen Creation
Time to enjoy her creation!

Acorn Unit- Buried Acorn Treats Kitchen Creation
Buried Acorn Treats


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