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100th Day of School Ideas:

It's Approaching...

The 100th Day of School!

Although some homeschoolers may not carry over the tradition of celebrating the 100th day of learning, I think it is definitely a milestone (in any type of school), worth noting. Not to mention, it's a great achievement for the homeschool parent to reach too-

I mean, 100 days of planning, coordinating, love and patience! Why not celebrate that?

One of the greatest things I love about homeschooling are the memories made together. We have been blessed to have made so many memories, and wherever I can make more, even if a bit of extra effort is required, I will happily- and I would bet you'd say the same.

It's the laughs and fun that I try to impart on our homeschool adventures that keeps their learning thriving.

But Who's Counting?

Although I may not keep a firm account of each and every day, and since I have such a passion for the work we are doing, the 100th day can creep up on me. Once I do realize it's approaching though, I take a pause to make sure that I mark the day special, however big or small. Being that we are in our third year of homeschool together, I hope to continue the tradition, and add more to this list as our years pass.

Here are some fun starters that I hope will mark your 100th day as special as your homeschool is!


100th Day of School Ideas
They are aging beautifully!

"Way To Stick At It!"

For our second year, I put together the theme of "Way to Stick At It". I created a themed writing sheet, where they were able to share personal goals that they would like to stick at for the remainder of the school year. I put together a quick and easy goody basket, filled with stick form snacks and treats. With a simple DIY card and some extra stickers, the kiddos were all smiles while enjoying their 100th day.

100th Day of School Ideas
"Way To Stick At It" goody basket

Get this freebie, "Way To Stick At It" writing sheet HERE.

100th Day of School Ideas
"Way To Stick At It" Writing Sheet

To continue the theme, I set up a simple photo backdrop using numbered balloons, a plastic table cover, and homemade signs. Using various duct tape rolls purchased from the Dollar Tree, I gently and strategically, taped my sweet and silly little ones to the backdrop.

We had so many laughs while staging it, and I achieved my annual picture of them,

so win-win!

100th Day of School Ideas
She totally stuck with it!

100th Day of School Ideas
He was sticking to it, quite literally!


100 Days of School

Never Felt More Like Home!

100th Day of School Ideas
Our first year, thrilled to be at home!

Our first year included and focused on the classics. We shared in the fun of dressing up as 100 years old, using wigs, glasses, and other accessories. I staged a really simple backdrop using some decorations purchased from the Dollar Tree in order to preserve the day in a themed picture.

100th Day of School Ideas
The cutest ol' pair of pals.

They made self portraits of themselves by crumbling up a circle shaped piece of brown paper, and adding cotton balls for hair. I prepared a paired writing sheet for them to include their thoughts on what they may be doing or like when they reach 100 years old.

100th Day of School Ideas
I love seeing their humorous and sweet ideas about their future.

Lastly, just to spoil them, I prepared a themed up goody box along with a cheap prize to let them know how proud I was of them for all their efforts.

The day added just enough excitement, fun, and levity, which set it apart from our regular learning days...and I'll always have the joy of remembering them in their granny and grandad looks!

100th Day of School Ideas
A few special goodies to make the day sweet


There's More Fun To Share!

Let's Age Together.

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100th Day of School Ideas
100 years never looked this good!


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