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Weather and Seasons Lesson Plan:

Fun Is In Your Forecast!

Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, Stormy.

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall.

How On Earth Should I Teach It All?

Weather and seasons are important topics to cover, but being that it is pretty basic, it can loose some luster to put together a lesson plan about it.

Especially if you live in an area like us where there's not much variation between the weather, or seasons, for that matter.

But I didn't let that rain on my parade,

I instead took it as a challenge and prepared a lesson plan with a forecast of fun.


Don't Get Left In The Cold.

Let's Put Together A Dazzling Rainbow Of A Lesson Plan

that will leave your learners ooh-ing and aah-ing at its magnificence.


First, Bundle Up...

With some books, that is. Here are a few to get your mittens on.

"The Seasons" by Pierre Winters

This book is full of information about each season, what weather occurs in each season, and fun 'did you know' facts, presented in a visually effective way.

"Seasons" by Robin Nelson

A helpful guide to seasons and the weather changes that come along with each season, along with a young learner's level of explanation as why we even have seasons at all.

"Weather Clues in the Sky Clouds" by Belinda Jensen

This book includes great science facts about the formation of clouds and the types of clouds that indicate different weather types. Written from the perspective of the characters' conversations to one another makes it more relatable and interesting for young ones.

"Extreme Weather" by Torrey Maloof

Blizzards, tornadoes, dust storms, hurricanes, this book dives into them all and more. Includes helpful information on how we can be prepared for such drastic weather conditions and vocabulary to tie into this thematic unit. Also includes instructions on testing out a fun weather related science experiment.



Get The Plans Snowballing.

Choose which core topics you would like to go over in each subject and add elements of each season in the learning games. For instance, use leaf cutouts to play word games and large cotton balls to play math games. Bring the weather indoors and into the learning activities by using an over- sized lightening bolt to zap spelling words. Having fun, tangible, theme related items help to bring out the sunny smiles while learning.



Make It Rain

Not with cash, this time! With aluminum foil and a crafted drum you can together create a thunderstorm. Start with gentle taps then gradually build up the speed and beats to make a full weather condition. Another way to tie in music to this thematic unit is to have them craft their own rainmaker which can also be used in the thunderstorm activity.



Let The Sun Shine!

Ways that always warm our hearts and minds are to create and explore outside of the desk and chair. Depending on which season you're in, take a walk outside, make leaf piles, cloud watch...learning will happen out there in the elements just by playing in them. Last, and always welcomed by my kiddos, is making snacks and meals centered around the week's learning. Make a sky snack by strategically placing marshmallow creme in jars of blue Jell-o or a dust storm dessert by using finely crunched up graham cracker on top of scoops of chocolate pudding. Let the weather be your guide to making this lesson totally immersive!


Are you looking for a complete and unique

"Weather and Seasons" lesson plan already prepared?

Click Here.

We Can Weather This Together!

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