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Walking On Eggshells?

How To Not Completely Crack.

Some May Call Me An "EGGS"-pert!


Great puns aside,

they are the type of personalities that you have to be overly aware of how you speak or treat them because they can get upset easily. In my family, I've got one, some days two...and on really challenging days three.

It happens when you've got young ones.

How Do You Pair With These Personalities Without Cracking?

There is a way that I have learned over time that has helped diffuse this issue and provide a more comfortable environment around this personality type. Keep the following tips in mind when in contact with these complex personalities.

Keep things light

Sounds all too easy, but delivering what has to be heard with a sense of humor has saved me numerous times, and avoided the sensitivity radar. Add the benefit that both parties can walk away with smiles and understanding, and you have a successful exchange.

Explain, Explain, and Explain Some More

Having a young son that has the biggest, softest, and sweetest heart in the world is a blessing. Along with that blessing comes work for us both. Many conversations happen over hurt feelings and big feelings. Not liking what has been said, or how he's been treated is a common theme. Rather than us all tip- toeing around him, I learned explanations are a healthier solution. My kids say I can go on a bit long, but what they haven't realized (yet) is that my long, long...sometimes longer explanations of how to interpret a situation, exchange of words, or a strong feeling, is my strategy- AND IT WORKS! Perhaps it's that they slowly tune me out and move on about their business, or maybe it's the sound of my beautiful voice (HA!) soothing their super sensitive receptors. Whatever it is, this method has helped beyond measure. So start the explaining, trust me it helps.

Don't Call It Out

The more you express to the individual that they are being too sensitive or that they have misconstrued what has happened does not translate well. As much as you may think the situation warrants that expression, try something else- understand. Understand that they feel that way regardless of how they should feel. Doing this will gain their appreciation and trust. This way when you do encounter an exchange with them, what you are telling them will be perceived more accurately.

I'm Not Promoting Coddling Here,

But changing them isn't what we are talking about.

Should we have to constantly walk on eggshells with certain others? No.

But that fact doesn't seem to change having to deal with the personality.

And never once have I known someone to complain that another person was too considerate. So although it may be a difficult walk around others, we are in each other's lives for a reason, so walk lightly when it calls for it to avoid being in some boiling water.

What About Literally Walking On Eggshells?

Hey, I've Done That Too!

Find a unique and complete lesson plan about eggs HERE.

It is totally "egg"-cellent!

Egg Unit: Walking on Eggs Experiment
"Why don't the eggs crack?" Experimentation.

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