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Spelling Activity: Keep Spelling Skills Sharp In Summer

S-U-M-M-E-R F-U-N!

Keeping Skills Sharp

With summertime in full swing, we certainly enjoy the relaxation and ease of each day. Whether it is poolside, beach, or play zone, we happily check all the traditional summer activity boxes. Being a homeschool mom though, our learning is always somewhere packed within my proverbial beach bag- I just can't shake it!

I love showing my kiddos that learning can be found all around us, and even more, that learning doesn't have to look like the traditional style in order to be successful for them.

Turning learning concepts into games and activities is what I thrive on, and seeing my kids having fun while learning is what keeps me creating.

So the urge to keep our learning active, even while in the summer mode, is important to me. Not only to avoid losing any progress made thus far, but also to keep our fun times going.

One easy, but effective, activity I created for us this summer was the "Summer Scavenger Spelling" Game.

This game kept us in the summer spirit, and had them practicing their spelling and observation skills too.

Spelling Activity: Keep Spelling Skills Sharp In Summer
Spelling partners on the search

After working up a quick game sheet, we took to the neighborhood in search of the missing letters from the summer themed words on their game sheet. This game can easily be taken along to any park, beach, or play area too.

Spelling Activity: Keep spelling skills sharp in summer
Determining the letters needed to complete each word.

Once outdoors, I supplied them with a game sheet and marker to get their hunt underway. They chose to work as a team, but this game could be played individually, or as a friendly competition as well. Another great thing about this activity is that it was low maintenance and could be tailored to any learning level while creating the game sheet.

Spelling Activity: Keep spelling skills sharp in summer
No letter left behind!

With the Summer Scavenger Spelling Game, players first had to identify what letter was needed to complete the word, then locate that letter on a sign, car, street sign, etc. Once a letter was spotted, they then filled it into the word, and moved along to find the next letter until the game sheet was completed.

Spelling Activity: Keep spelling skills sharp in summer
Master spellers got the job done!

Enjoying the summer day in our neighborhood with this simple activity had us exploring, having fun together, and best of all putting our spelling skills into practice.

If you would like the already prepared FREE game sheet click the link below.

Spelling Activity: Keep spelling skills sharp in summer
Summer Scavenger Spelling Game Sheet

Get the FREE Summer Scavenger Spelling Game Sheet HERE!


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