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Mini Unit Lesson Plan: Aliens

Updated: Apr 3

Make Learning Out Of This World!

Let's Launch!

Heading into our third year of homeschool, I was planning out what our year was going to be themed upon. I love to make the first day of school fun and entertaining for all of us. We play learning games to recover some information that may have gotten a little lost over the summer. I include goody boxes or bags to keep them excited and interested in getting back into the groove of our learning. First day pictures of course, so I'll forever have evidence that all our fun took place.

But which theme should I center this year around?

3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!

My engines were fueling up as the idea started to orbit.. I had it! An "Out of This World" theme was just right for my soon to be third grader and second grader. All things surrounding space exploration would launch this idea into action. I would use space shuttles, planets, and even aliens in our learning activities and games and together we would make the school year "Out of This World!"

Lift Off!

So I got to work preparing our shuttle (A.K.A. classroom) for the great departure into our school year. I gathered alien and galaxy balloons, crafted alien and planet learning games for review, and created a fun mini unit fit for the first week back.

We were ready for lift off, to a galaxy far far away!

Come along and see how we blasted off into a year that's going to be "Out of This World!"

Get the FREE Alien Mini Unit HERE!


Astronaut Luggage

Get all the fun packed with fantastic stories like,

"We're Off To Look For Aliens"

by Colin McNaughton

Take your young travelers on a journey in search for aliens. Uniquely written with vivid illustrations with a funny and unexpected ending. This lighthearted and silly story was great for our first day back.

Take this reading adventure with me!

Click HERE


Rocket Boosters

Give more boost to your mini unit with engaging learning activities and games. Here's one example to take along with you. In "Alien Guts" your learner will search inside the gooey, unusual, and slimy, alien belly's in search of missing spelling word (or vocabulary words) letters. Go up and beyond with more learning activities, all themed around aliens, to review some key topics that may have been lost in space over the summer.


Launch Into Fun!

Include all the fun to remind your little astronaut of home with a cool space themed goody bag and silly alien accessories. Get creative in the kitchen by making alien pretzels snacks with candy melts and candy eyes. Together craft a galaxy night light with a few household items to enjoy the stars indoors. There is a black hole's worth of ideas to explore in this mini unit that will totally launch the fun out of this world.

Alien Mini Unit

Alien Mini Unit Kitchen Creation

There's just so much to explore!


Visit My Planet For The Complete Alien

Mini Unit Lesson Plan.

Click Here.

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