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Lesson Plans for Beginners: A Guide for all Home Schools

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Weekly Lesson Plan - Adventurers Wanted!

Become an adventurer with us and share in weekly the fun!

Start your learning adventure here and never miss out on a week of fun and engaging complete lesson plans for your young learners at home. Visit us here.

A love of learning starts at home

Are you a first year homeschooling parent looking for a great place to start? Busy mom? A teacher? Are you looking to add exciting and fresh new activities to your school curriculum? Then you have found it!

J. W. Learning Adventures offers creative and complete unit studies already planned and tested on my kiddos at home. While hand picking every last detail of your classroom needs can be fun, it can also be exhausting and time consuming; search for a worksheet here, find a book that relates there, and wait- how will I tie this math subject together with the fun theme? What materials will I need gather up this week? The planning goes on and on.

That's what makes J.W. Learning Adventures stand apart- I did the details of all the lesson plans with awesome themes and engaging activities so now you can save hours of time and invest it where it matters more... with your family! With the lesson plan templates I have created, you don't have to sacrifice time with your family in order to build an incredible week of learning for your kids. It is all there for you in each flexible thematic weekly units, and each one makes learning unique and fun for everyone.

Learning is an Adventure. Let's make it a fun one!

Choose a new adventure today, click Here.

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