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Jelly Beans: What to do with the leftovers

Updated: Apr 2

Sweet, Delicious, and Plenty Leftover

Jelly Bean Lesson Plan

Hippity Hop,

The Candy Doesn't Stop...

Not that I want it to! I love having a stock pile of candies around because you just never know. But at times, especially around the holidays, even my stock pile gets a bit over sized and something has to be done about it. And so often the one candy that is in abundance around Easter time are the jelly beans. Sure, they can all be tossed, but when where's the fun in that? Heaps of festive jelly beans just dumped into the trash? What a tragedy! Nah, not on my watch, there had to be something to use the jolly cute beans for...

My Sugar Spiked!

I'd use them for a thematic unit study! That's right, a whole lesson devoted to the sweet bean. The history, the recipes, the math games,


what else can I do with jelly beans?

My Sugar Dropped.

It took some extra thought and inspiration, but I gathered up some fun activities to try using jelly beans and included them in the rest of our week's unit study. I hope you try these in your own lesson or somewhere along your studies, because the results were quite sweet!

Get the complete Jelly Bean Unit Lesson HERE!


Jelly Bean Color Experiment:

Often times, when I use a demonstration or experiment in our lessons, they can fall a bit flat or sometimes not reproduce the same way as they should. This easy and fun color lesson did exactly what it was supposed to, and was impressive to watch. As shown in the picture, all you need is a paper plate, jelly beans, water and vinegar.

Jelly Bean Mosaics:

As an art project, we were able to get creative with our jelly beans to try our hand at a making a mosaic. All that was needed for this project was wax paper, rolling pin, jelly beans, and an iron. The kids can get as fancy and intricate with their designs as much as they desire. Afterward, string them on a piece of yarn and hang them in a window to really let the project shine.

Jelly Bean Painting:

In this project, they placed jelly beans on construction paper and into their desired shapes and designs. From there, they used a spray bottle to lightly spray the jelly beans with water. Allow the jelly beans to sit until the water begins to dry, then remove the jelly beans to reveal a colorful work of art. Just be sure to cover the workspace with a plastic bag as the colors will bleed through the paper.


Looking For A Colorful and Complete Lesson Plan About Jelly Beans?

Allow Me To Spill The Beans!

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