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How To File A Private School Affidavit:

Simple Steps to Establishing Your Homeschool


Beginning your homeschooling journey can be overwhelming, I can certainly remember!

For me, it wasn't in choosing the curriculum or planning a lesson, the more daunting matters came from the "red tape" or paperwork. I found the withdraw letter and private school affidavit intimidating and confusing, as I simply had just never done either before.


Now in our fourth year of private homeschool, I have gained confidence and understanding, and hope to simplify the processes involved in the initial setup for your homeschool. You'll find that the form isn't as intimidating as you think, and that you can absolutely do this!

So don't fear, I'm here to walk you through the process of filing a private school affidavit, so you can save time and get to focusing on what matters most- your family.

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Step 1: Visit the Website of Your State's Department of Education

If you reside in California as I do, visit the following link

otherwise, visit your state's department of education website to begin the process.

Step 2: Indicate Whether Your School Is Full-Time

Select whether or not your private school is full-time or not and submit answer.

Step 3: Your School Information

Part one is the fun part! You can get as creative or simple as you like, with some

exceptions. For example, you can only include the word "school" if it falls in the

middle of the name; you can't begin your school name with "The"; and if you

use initials, you need to place a space between the letters. The sections following

involve a CDS code (if applicable), your county, school district, whether your

private school will be co-ed or not, school accommodations (choose day only),

whether or not you provide special education services, and grade levels. Next up

is your address, phone, and email.

Step 4: Any Changes

This section will only apply if you have filed a PSA previously. If you haven't before,

you will skip this section.

Step 5: School Stats

This section will detail the age ranges of your students/children, how many full-

time teachers you have- 1 typically (yourself), how many administrators- 1 typically

(yourself), and any other staff, 0 typically.

Step 6: School Records

In this section, you will list your information as the Administrator, along with

including your address, phone, and email. As for the records location, you will

supply your address again for this answer.

Step 7: Tax Status

For this section you will answer "No" to any tax-exemptions and "Yes" to "None

of the above".

Step 8: Acknowledgement and Notices

You're almost set! In the remaining steps, you will read the acknowledgement and

notices, then select "Yes" and sign as the head of school.

Step 9: Confirmation

From here, you will submit your affidavit, and receive a confirmation. Next, you will

want to print a copy of the affidavit to keep with your records. You will not need to

do this process again until the next filing time (October 1st-15th).



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