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How To Choose A Watermelon:

Tips for picking the tastiest one in the bunch!

Size, Shape, Weight?

How to pick a watermelon

You Never Know What You're Going To Get?

Like the famous quote from the movie Forest Gump, I had just accepted "You never know what you're gonna get" when selecting a watermelon. It ultimately took a homeschool unit study to find myself researching the proper tips and techniques for selecting a delicious watermelon.

Growing More Than Melons

Returning from the grocery store one afternoon, with a watermelon in tow, I had heard something beautiful coming from my kiddos in the backseat-

"Why haven't we had a week about watermelons?"

"We could learn about their different shapes"

"We could make watermelon recipes"

"We could boil watermelon"

"We could dissect a watermelon."

Hearing them flesh out what I had been instilling in them throughout our years of homeshooling, made my heart swell. Learning is all around us- everywhere we go, and in everything we do. By looking around at even the most ordinary of things, can have you engaging in science, math, language, and history just by examining what is in front of you.

Listening to them begin to explore and be inspired by what we had just casually picked up at the grocery store, reminded me why I love what we do and how we do it.

Naturally, upon hearing their interest in finding out more about watermelons, I jumped on the chance to spend a week of learning all about the delightful fruits/veggie, which certainly needed to include the best method for choosing one.

Here's the best tips you're going to want to take with you to the grocery store or farm stand, so that you'll be coming home with a winning watermelon!

*Get the Watermelon Wise Learning Adventure Activity HERE*


Tip 1: LOOK

There are some distinct characteristics to a sweet and tasty watermelon you will want to notice upon looking at the bunch. Watermelons that have dark green, bold and consistent stripe pattern are prime. Another characteristic to look for are the watermelons that have a dull, not shiny skin. The dull skin tone indicates that the watermelon is ripe. Next, if it has a large yellow field spot, this is a great indicator that the watermelon had more time to ripen and will be full of flavor.


Though you might feel a bit silly tapping on several watermelons at the store, the sound is actually a instrumental tip for selecting a great one. The reason being, is that the fuller the sound, the less water it generally has inside it- less water= less tasty. You will want to listen for a watermelon that sounds very hollow upon tapping. This means that the watermelon has more water inside, making it far more sweet and juicy.

Tip 3: FEEL

While most of us don't want to tip the scale, in the watermelon world, heavy means something great! You will not just want to choose the heaviest one you can find, but rather the heavier one for its size. When comparing multiple watermelons of similar size, it's best to choose the heaviest. Heavier = More water content, making it a sweeter taste.

Next, feel around the stem area of the watermelon. If the stem is dry and flakes off when rubbed, then this is a good indication that the watermelon had sufficient time on the vine to allow for it to mature. The more mature the watermelon, the better the taste. (Photo on right)

*Have a tip to share? Leave a comment!*


Take this wisdom with you!

Head your learning adventurers to the store or farm stand with the Watermelon Wise activity!

Grab the freebie HERE.

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